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A world of crises

A world of crises

Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine Editorial

A world of crises

The end of the restrictions not even well defined, restrictions which no one even notices, not even the authorities, that a new crisis is emerging – the paper crisis for luxury printing.

And so after last year’s oil crisis and the totally unjustified rise in fuel prices, after the crisis of energy bills, the wrong faces, and after the crisis of the chips for cars, we are facing a new crisis. That of the printing paper.

Who would have thought that in a world where printing is becoming increasingly scarce, being replaced by the digital press, such a crisis of raw materials will occur. And not just any crisis, but luxury paper!

But what do you think paper producers are more stupid about ?! No, they launched this crisis in order to raise the price freely.
You want a luxury printed product, you pay as much as you don’t!

And so, from crisis to crisis, we may forget who is to blame for the destruction of the economies of many countries caused by an imaginary pandemic that has done nothing but enrich the rich even more and put their paws on their feet the others.

A world of crises

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