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About delicate things – penis augmentation at the Legacy Med clinic

About delicate things – penis augmentation at the Legacy Med clinic

Since ancient times, the size of the penis, in men, has been associated with virility, potency and masculinity of the individual, so, with the passing of the years, this perception continued, perpetuated and became, in certain cultures, a real benchmark.

About delicate things – penis augmentation at the Legacy Med clinic

Many men are afraid that a smaller size will affect their sex life, therefore the size of the organ often ends up creating inferiority complexes and sometimes even leading to abstinence. Consequently, many people think about or even try various methods, more or less safe, to help them enlarge their penis.

If some time ago the only solutions to get a bigger penis consisted of primitive treatments or creams or rituals, today, we benefit from modern, minimally invasive, safe and effective treatments for patients.

At the Legacy Med clinic, men can opt for minimally invasive treatments that solve this need, without pain, with no recovery period and with 100% safe and effective results.

Penis size: between need and desire

Boys, at a certain age, are tempted, especially in groups, to make mean jokes about anatomical differences. And this is also the moment when the first doubts arise regarding the dimensions and qualities of one’s own organ. At the same time, access to pornographic films or similar materials accentuates an erroneous, distorted image of the dimensions and normal behavior in contrast to the abnormal. Extensive research in the field has shown that 70% of the male population has a penis length between 12 and 16 cm, when erect.

The penis volumization procedure with hyaluronic acid

Although there are several options by which men can obtain a larger penis size, from surgical procedures to minimally invasive ones, the intervention that more and more patients opt for is volumization with hyaluronic acid.

At Legacy Med, our doctors have extensive experience performing this procedure, with dozens of procedures performed and just as many results that have changed the self-esteem and capabilities of our patients.

Why do men choose this procedure and how is it done?

The answer to this question is extremely simple: “I feel that I need more. I want to get rid of unsalted and complex jokes, but I want it to be something safe for me and my body” – Legacy Med patients often tell us.

Penis augmentation with hyaluronic acid is the simplest and most effective minimally invasive procedure to achieve the desired result in a very short time. The intervention is carried out by injecting hyaluronic acid on the circumference of the organ, so that the effect is natural and uniform.
Even though it may seem like a simple intervention, it must be performed by a specialist, experienced doctors who know the injection methods and the patient’s anatomy, in order to avoid possible complications.
Although this procedure seems painful, questionable, in reality this is not the case at all, because it is performed under local anesthesia, which will considerably reduce the patient’s discomfort during the injection. At the same time, it is important that this intervention is carried out with a hyaluronic acid specially designed for volumizing and rejuvenating the area, so as to ensure that we obtain the optimal results for the patient, safely.

Remanence and post-intervention instructions:

If the main advantage of the hyaluronic acid penis enlargement procedure is the immediate result, we must now discuss other extremely useful information that patients should know about this procedure, so that when they step into the office to the doctor, their expectations should be realistic and above all achievable.

That’s why Legacy Med clinic doctors discuss all the steps of the procedure with patients extremely openly and honestly, to make sure they understand, are they are prepared. We should be sure that this procedure is exactly what our man patient need.

Being an acid volumization procedure, we are not talking about a permanent, lifetime result. As in the case of procedures where hyaluronic acid is used, the remanence is approximately 9 months, depending on the patient’s body and lifestyle. Of course, in order to maintain the size obtained after the injection, the patient can resort to maintenance procedures, at the recommendation of the doctor.

About delicate things – penis augmentation at the Legacy Med clinic

It is essential that, when the patient has already completed the procedure, the doctor explains extremely well the rules he must follow, in order to avoid possible discomfort or post-injection complications.

First of all, after volumizing the organ, the patient must adopt a rigorous hygiene in the area.

Even if one of the main reasons why men choose penis enlargement is sex, the recommendation of specialists is for the patient to avoid intimate contact in the first period after the injection. The duration will be recommended by the doctor, depending on the patient’s body and needs.

Even if we are talking about a light, minimally invasive intervention, it is absolutely normal for the patient to face a slight post-procedure inflammation in the area. This will withdraw in a short period of time, a few hours or up to a few days, depending on the patient’s body.

Massaging the area will help the hyaluronic acid settle better, more evenly. Thus, after the injection, the patient will find out all the information he needs, but the most important thing is for him to follow it closely.

The doctor-patient relationship – the secret of successful procedures

Although in Romania we are still at the beginning in terms of effective communication and at the same time an open relationship between doctor and patient, this aspect is extremely important.

At Legacy Med we emphasize effective communication and patient follow-up before, during and after the procedure.

From the first consultation, the doctor will tell him if the desired procedure is suitable for him, if so, then he will explain step by step what the intervention entails and what are the recommendations before and after the procedure. If the inflammation does not go away, complications arise or the patient simply wants to know additional information, it is necessary for the doctor to be with the patient, to give him the support and information he needs.

We must not omit the responsibility of the patient to follow the instructions and recommendations of the specialist doctor, to ensure safety and the desired result.

Although the wishes of the patients are extremely important for the specialist, we must never put them above the quality of the medical act. In the end, with the help of aesthetic surgery we want to improve the appearance and transform the patients’ complexes into assets, which will give them more confidence in themselves, in their power and strength.