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About youth without getting old with Ioana Dichiseanu

About youth without getting old with Ioana Dichiseanu

Ioana Dichiseanu

About youth without getting old with Ioana Dichiseanu

You are one of the women who has kept her naturalness and a special beauty. What beauty rituals do you have?

I never considered myself a beautiful woman. I’m natural because I don’t have any aesthetic intervention … I even gave up hair dye for almost three years ?! I don’t have a particular ritual. I pay attention to skin care and make-up products, I always remove my make-up before going to bed and I apply a serum, a moisturizer for the skin and an eye contour cream.

As they get older, many women turn to beauticians to hide their wrinkles. What do you think about this?

I am aware that we live in a world where physical perfection is at the forefront. For me, it matters more to know how to age nicely, to accept your age, given the fact that no one is exempt from this. For now, looking at how my elderly parents have fared, I’m not really scared of the passing of the years.

When your dear child was born, like any mother, you had many sleepless nights. Would you resort to the procedure of fading dark circles with hyaluronic acid?

I’m a little apprehensive about procedures of any kind, but I might be tempted to try at some point.

Your mother is known for her captivating beauty. What do you remember from your childhood about this? How did your mother take care of you and what advice did you take?

My mother was and is a role model for me. I don’t remember ever seeing her untidy or not finding time to fix it. Like any daughter, I tried to copy her. The most valuable piece of advice he gave me on this subject was to be “set up” at all times. That’s how he likes to express himself.

What does a day in Ioana Dichiseanu’s life look like?

One day doesn’t look like another … I have periods when a lot of things get crowded: either artistically or in other ways … I start my day with a coffee, I start preparing breakfast (if it’s not Adi faster than me) and then the day really begins. The most important, every day, from the second she was born, is Anastasia. She is the joy of my life.

What do you think is the right relationship between a woman and the esthetician?

I strongly believe that a truly professional esthetician must meet three great qualities: to know general medicine in the true sense of the word, to recognize the possible health problems of the patient, to become her friend or friend and, not least. row, to be an artist. Everything about aesthetics means art. The doctor needs to know exactly how much, how and where to intervene to make everything perfect.

How do you think the woman Ioana Dichiseanu will be in 20 years?

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If someone had asked me 20 years ago, I would have answered with my mind when I was 15 years old. And my answer back then had nothing to do with what I’m going through now. I think that in 20 years I will be a woman with more life experience, gone through more situations, joys, sorrows … and probably with a few more wrinkles or white hairs. I don’t have one yet?

About youth without getting old with Ioana Dichiseanu

Are you afraid of old age?

I’m not afraid of the idea of getting older, I’m just scared of the health problems caused by age, body wear and tear, and the annoyances that leave traces. There are problems that we can correct – through beauticians, problems that we can avoid or just postpone – through a healthy diet, but those of a mental or emotional nature, at some point, will make their mark on the body.

What advice do you have for young women today? What should be their relationship with the mirror?

I also went through adolescence when I had the feeling that I didn’t always look the way I wanted to. It is important to know yourself, to look at a friend the moment you look in the mirror, not an enemy. And self-respect is important. I’m not talking about selfishness or egocentrism, it’s just that there are times when you have to think about yourself. You have to like the person you see in the mirror, not someone else.

Thoughts for our readers.

Let them be reconciled to themselves, both physically and emotionally. Let them be their best friends, because at the end of the day, you only have yourself.

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