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Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, AMWC celebrates 20 years of existence

Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, AMWC celebrates 20 years of existence

Interview with Catherine Decuyper and Christophe Luino,

Founders of Euromedicom (Informa group)

Aesthetic & AntiAging Medicine World Congress, AMWC celebrates 20 years of existence

By: Marie Alix De Laugeiret /

This year AMWC celebrates its 20th anniversary, certainly an exceptional moment.

Catherine Decuyper, Christophe Luino: Undoubtedly, a twentieth anniversary is an important moment. Since its inception in 2003, we have always held that every participant, whoever they are, is an actor in the success of AMWC. We are grateful to them for their loyalty, enthusiasm and even for the constructive remarks and criticisms that have allowed us to improve from year to year. Therefore, we believe that each of them should be honored, whether they are beginners or experienced practitioners, famous or lesser-known speakers or players in the aesthetic and anti-aging industry. There is no super star at AMWC, there is a friendly spirit, I would say close to family.

In the last 20 years, what do you consider to be the 10 landmarks in the medical aesthetics sector?

Catherine Decuyper, Christophe Luino: These twenty years have seen a remarkable evolution in the field of medical aesthetics and preventive medicine. Undoubtedly, the safety of injectable products has been the most significant development.

These products have also been improved in their individual properties to give them specific indications.

Injection techniques have evolved considerably, from the classic injection of nasolabial folds or glabella to “full face” injections, or even injections in certain areas of the body. While previously injections were used only to fill wrinkles, today they are used to transform certain facial features or defects.

The social media boom has increased this demand. We can regret certain drifts, the fact remains that this revolution is underway and that we must, no doubt, follow this evolution closely.

In terms of training practitioners, further learning of anatomy due to dissection courses offered by surgeons has made it possible to ensure safer injection techniques in more delicate areas.

Energy-based devices (EBD), once largely limited to lasers, have seen an explosion in the type of energy used, with radio frequency, ultrasound, lights (LEDs), etc.

Many new indications have emerged and these devices have become a real therapeutic weapon in addition to and often complementary to other techniques.

Tensile wires have recently occupied a more important place in the therapeutic arsenal. They are, without a doubt, part of the interesting treatments to follow.

Preventive medicine, a relatively confidential field 20 years ago (we were the first in Europe to offer courses in this field), is now considered a true preventive therapy. For example, the programs of our congresses have long addressed the subject of the microbiota, long before it became the subject of today’s journal topics.

The latest remarkable development is the functional gynecology. A long taboo subject, it is now approached in a more liberal way. It aims to treat female disorders related to menopause and postpartum. Some techniques, initially purely aesthetic, have been studied to treat certain gynecological problems and have proven their effectiveness, thus making it possible to treat these disorders previously left without a therapeutic response.

And what trends will appear in the next 10 years: new products, new players, legislation?

Catherine Decuyper, Christophe Luino: It is difficult to predict these trends. Progress in recent years has already led to a high level of quality and safety, progress at this level will have less potential. That being said, progress is always possible.

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly play an important role in the future.

The first steps have already been taken with anatomy simulation applications to help ensure injections. These tools can help future practitioners gain confidence in their gestures, but they are superficial for those whose experience is gained, unless these tools become a true reflection of the specific anatomy of the patient in front of them.

Undoubtedly, we can expect big surprises from the sector that is interested in transhumanism … Science fiction or evolution in progress?

Aesthetic & AntiAging Medicine World Congress, AMWC celebrates 20 years of existence

In the field of congresses, Coronavirus was a shock for the organizers but also a real opportunity to develop new digital approaches. What is your assessment of these changes for Euromedicom / Informa and especially for AMWC: increasing online sessions, community, new offers, etc …

Catherine Decuyper, Christophe Luino: Coronavirus was a shock to the entire planet! In the world of congresses, the shock was violent, but somewhere it was beneficial because we had started thinking about digital long before, so we were ready to react.

Indeed, in recent years, with technical progress, the question has arisen as to whether congresses should become digital. Opinions have been divided, but today, after two years of total digitization, the proof is: physical congresses have a long and bright future because no digital system can replace the essential human contact we find in our congresses.

However, Covid-19 has allowed an extremely interesting advance: today, our congresses have increased their audience by adopting a hybrid format.

This makes it possible to bring together regular participants face-to-face and offer participants who cannot travel to watch the program remotely.

Another positive effect, the AMS (Aesthetic Multispecialty Society) platform allowed the development of webinars. A short and practical continuing medical education, widely appreciated by the 16,000 AMS members and other participants.

On this subject, it is necessary to emphasize the commitment of our national and international speakers who joined the game, all gave time to share their knowledge and we sincerely thank them.

As in 2021, AMWC will be offered in hybrid form and will bring together over 8,000 face-to-face participants and over 5,000 virtual participants. We will offer 9 science program rooms over 3 days, including 5 face-to-face and live streaming rooms and 4 face-to-face rooms, followed only by video replay. All sessions will then be offered on VOD (video on demand) on the AMS platform.

Aesthetic & AntiAging Medicine World Congress, AMWC celebrates 20 years of existence

The AMWC brand has spread all over the world: Japan, China, etc. What are the most dynamic markets in the world? Do you have to constantly adapt to local markets or is there a common thread for everyone?

Catherine Decuyper, Christophe Luino: Today, AMWC exists in 6 countries and continents: Monaco, Asia (Taiwan), China, Brazil, Latin America (Colombia) and Japan.

We also offer other congresses: FACE (London), ICAD (Bangkok), VCS-Vegas Cosmetic Surgery (Las Vegas), MCS-Miami Cosmetic Surgery (Miami), The Aesthetic Show (Las Vegas), VISAGE (Monaco).

The most dynamic markets are Asia, the United States and Europe.

The interest of AMWC geocloning is to allow us to make quick bridges between different orientations of different continents.

When a new technique or technology appears on one continent, we have the opportunity to quickly bring information to other continents. Likewise, if a speaker makes a new presentation with innovations in the USA, it is easy for us to invite him to Europe or Asia. In short, we allow information to flow more easily to practitioners who would have less ease of flow.

You are the founders of Euromedicom who joined the Informa group, a world leader. What are your projects, your personal or professional challenges?

Catherine Decuyper, Christophe Luino: We created Euromedicom in 1999, at a time when congresses in the field of medical aesthetics were almost non-existent or limited to a national territory. We gave them an international dimension. Informa, now a world leader in the field, acquired Euromedicom in 2010 and we have since been fortunate to be able to continue to apply our development vision with continued support from this group.

Our projects are simple: continue to give the best of ourselves and our teams to satisfy our participants and partners.

We are solidly surrounded by beautiful teams on different continents. We are proud of our employees and the work they do every day.

Our challenge is to maintain this cohesion between our teams and the “Euromedicom” spirit that has never left us. 

Aesthetic & AntiAging Medicine World Congress, AMWC celebrates 20 years of existence

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