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Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine celebrates leaders in beauty at the Aesthetic Medicine Industry Awards Gala, March 24, 2022

Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine celebrates leaders in beauty at the Aesthetic Medicine Industry Awards Gala, March 24, 2022

The annual event brings to the guild the famous names of the aesthetic medicine industry and celebrates the professionals who have left their mark in the field of aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine celebrates leaders in beauty

Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine organizes, through Manifesto Agency, the most important show / award ceremony, bringing together in a festive setting representative of the aesthetic medicine industry in Romania. During the event, awards will be given to the leaders of the field, who have been noted both in our country and abroad, respecting several categories of activity. The event, which will be organized every year, benefits from a professional jury, with participants as active members of the medical industry, as well as direct beneficiaries of the services.

The awards will be awarded in categories, proposed by our editorial team and subject to the approval of the general public, reached by the aesthetic medicine industry. A first separation will be made according to specializations and branches: that it is about plastic, reconstructive and reconstructive surgery, gastric, dermatology, injectology, dental aesthetics, etc. Everything that impacts the aesthetic will generate the possibility to focus carefully on the whole and to choose the tops that are worth mentioning on a festive evening, stated Mihnea-Popescu Grisogono, founding member of the publication.

Like the target of our publication, the audience targeted by such an event is made up of connoisseurs. Doctors, residents, medical students, representatives of professional bodies, lawyers, psychologists, providers of services and products in the medical market, consumers of cosmetic medicine services, journalists and public figures are co-interested and gladly participate in this event. We like to say that the elite of the aesthetic medicine industry meets at a national level, in Bucharest.

Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine celebrates leaders in beauty

There are many ways to support and participate in this event, from a simple spectator to an active supporter of an activity or award category. There will be festive meals that can be reserved for clinics, companies, active representatives of the guild. The evening will be sprinkled with unique artistic moments and the entire award ceremony will have the format of a memorable evening, with gala outfits.

Manifesto Agency is behind the most attractive and sparkling events in Romanian showbiz and beyond. With extensive experience dictating professionalism, the splendor of the sets, unique ideas and invitations with heavy names, Manifesto Agency gives color to another event initiated by Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine, which highlights and glorifies the professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine – Aesthetic Medicine Industry Awards Gala.

We meet the challenge that Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine has set for us and we are mobilizing to organize for the first time a festive gala of this very special industry. We hope to impress the audience and we will use our full experience so that those who are present can truly feel the festive meaning of this event, stated Dalia Simion Ciubucă, Manifesto Agency.

We will come up with a unique concept that will highlight the most important categories of this industry; we will be in a continuous communication both with those who will be participants in this event, and with the editorial members who had the initiative of this Gala. We are excited to start the first edition and lay the foundations for an annual event, with the hope that next year we will proudly talk about a landmark event, Bianca Berchez, representative of Manifesto Agency, shared it with us.

You can get more details by contacting members of the Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine team or the Manifesto Agency organizing team.

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