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Aesthetic surgeries from prejudice to normality

Aesthetic surgeries from prejudice to normality

We all know how difficult it can be to live in a world full of prejudice, a world where if you decided to improve your physical appearance you will be judged and blamed by society.

Aesthetic surgeries from prejudice to normality

Yes, this still happens in our country, easy, easy, easy, things are starting to change, and in a few years, why not, aesthetic surgeries become a normality, as is going to the salon, solarium or gym.  

Aesthetic doctors say that to travel back in time you don’t need a time machine, but only a specialist, who skillfully handles the syringe or the scalpel. 

“It often happens that ladies and young ladies who want to do an aesthetic procedure for the first time write to us. And we feel the emotion in their voices at the consultation, but most importantly, we see their satisfaction at the end. And these patients, patients who smiled at the end of the intervention, are patients who return, sometimes even accompanied by friends, husband/boyfriend or family members” – says a specialist doctor. 

Due to unnatural, exaggerated results or medical mistakes, many patients are afraid to cross the threshold of aesthetic medicine clinics. Sometimes they postpone this visit for weeks, months, or even years when they decide they can live with the complexes, trying day by day to mask them. 

In aesthetic medicine performed at the highest level, there are 3 main rules by which specialists are guided: 

  • Decency 
  • Safety of the medical act 
  • Appearance improvement, not dramatic changes 

Tears of happiness! 

We are not born perfect, but we are born unique and that makes us beautiful, each in our own way. Every day we hear patients who say “I come here to make myself beautiful”. No, we only help you to become your best version, not to become beautiful, because you already are! We do not offer a new face and do not majorly change the natural features of patients, we believe in the genetic inheritance of each person and improve it. And the changes, which not infrequently bring tears of happiness to the patients, are just the result of a small improvement, which the doctor made for you, in harmony with your features. Because a perfect nose, fuller lips, a rejuvenated appearance do not change you, they make you still you, but happier, fulfilled and with more self-confidence. 

Aesthetic surgeries from prejudice to normality

Surgery vs Injectable Procedures 

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In aesthetic medicine there are 2 rules, which we follow in the case of each patient: what he needs and what he wants. And this is where the doctor’s recommendation for injectable procedures or surgical procedures starts. 

In the case of surgery, we are clearly talking about bigger changes, with a permanent effect and which, of course, require a recovery period. 

On the other hand, the minimally invasive procedures, which do not produce a radical change, can always be done, periodically, because their remanence is not permanent, but, in most cases, it is between 3 months and 1 year. If you don’t know exactly what type of procedure to choose, don’t worry, schedule a specialist consultation, and the doctor will recommend the best option in your case. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people still believe that aesthetic surgeries categorize you as a person of questionable morality. Fortunately, in the urban environment and among an educated segment of people, these prejudices disappear and, once the advantages of a rejuvenated appearance are observed in a decent way, the patients return and enjoy the effects of the treatments. 

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