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Anna Roman

Top in the new generation of romanian designers

Anna Roman has had a passion for fashion since childhood, but, as she herself says, her career as a designer was not a smooth one.

Anna Roman attended the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. And since then she has continued to walk in the direction of her passion, drawing every day the most beautiful outfits signed by Anna Roman Brand. And so three years passed: “I think the most important memories and what really inspires us in life are those childhood memories. And all my childhood memories led to the construction of my dream. My grandmother, whom I appreciate and respect very much, is Russian and I strongly believe that she had a very big impact on my development, both personally and professionally. From her I acquired the passion for beauty, but also for luxury, and I try to pass on this beauty that I learned from her to all the women I wear today. I have had a passion for clothes ever since, and my grandmother taught me what it means to appreciate a material made of a precious fabric, due to the fact that it does not lose its value over time, but also due to the fact that there are certain clothes you attach emotionally and it is very important to maintain the original shape of the product. When I started to develop the ANNA ROMAN brand, I put a lot of value on the quality of the materials, but also on the stitching of the products. And this helped us and here I mean me, as well as the beautiful team I have behind me, to get where we are today and to have only satisfied customers, because it is the most important to deliver quality, regardless of domain ”, confesses the designer ANNA ROMAN.

The classic dress, but not as you know it … is Alanis

A silhouette worn forever with oversized shoulders, remixed with a mini skirt, and oversized cuffs, this season I cut Alanis in Cypress Green. The outcome? Light, elegant and underrated glamour.

Wear it as high as you dare style yourself with elegant hair or make a ponytail and accessorize with shiny rings.

Oversized shoulder detail

Lycra emerald

Adjustable length

Price: 700 lei

When the sun goes down, form Drama in Donyale

In sequined lycra, this irresistibly captivating dress will make the impact you deserve. With a deep neckline, back and thin straps, the suffocating silhouette offers a hypnotic night style. A dress that covers the floor for a woman with smoky eyes and gold jewelry and get ready for all eyes to be on you.

Deep décolletage

Maximum length with wide hem

Cut back

Sequined lycra fabric

Price: 900 lei

Sophisticated and suffocating? It must be yours

In the classic color, black. This elegant complex brings a bit of ‘70s into your wardrobe.

Stylize yourself with this top with oversized shoulders and detail on the bust to highlight it for a chic addition from head to toe or match with matte black dresses.

Zipper fastening

Eco leather jacket of the highest quality

Oversized shoulders and slim waist

Details by stitches

Staple closure

Lycra pants

Accessorize with leather. They are a very cool piece of clothing that you should not miss in your wardrobe. They can be worn with a bustier as in our presentation, either with an oversized jacket or with a leather jacket.

Price 550 lei


Phone: (0722) 160 469


Location: 89 Silvestru Street, Bucharest 030167

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