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Anti-ageing event suddenly 20 years older

Anti-ageing event suddenly 20 years older

Aesthetic & Antiageing Medicine World Congress

By Jeff Daniels / Monaco Daily News

Anti-ageing event suddenly 20 years older

One of the biggest annual conventions hosted by the Grimaldi Forum is the Aesthetic & Antiageing Medicine World Congress, known conveniently as AMWC, which has taken up its spring slot again after a two-year break for the pandemic.

The event has been bringing together eminent specialists from across the globe with such success that it is now an essential and the leading scientific event in aesthetic procedures and anti-ageing at an international level.

AMWC takes place over three days on many levels of the Forum and has something to interest every speciality.

At the opening press conference, Dr Claude Dalle, one of AMWC’s three scientific directors, pointed out that the World Health organization has declared that ageing is a disease and, therefore, a pathology that can be treated.

“Yes, you can age without being old! This is the challenge of anti-aging medicine,” he said.

“The so-called ‘silo-mentality’ medicine, ie, specialty by specialty, has given way to a transversal, trans-disciplinary approach, and a ‘4P’ medicine: Preventive, Predictive, Personalized and Participative, to which we could add Positive.”

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