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Aurelia Ardelean

Aurelia Ardelean

Aurelia Ardelean

A businesswoman with multiple valences at the management of Rose Marie Estetiq Center

■ Aurelia Ardelean are a business woman in various fields of activity. What was the first business you developed?

Indeed, I work in multiple areas, I could even say with a smile on my face that every time I answer this question, most receive me admiringly and surprised. I have run several businesses alternately, and time has simply chosen the areas of activity in which I am still active.

The first project we initiated and developed was a pig farm, 2000 heads, by accessing European funds.

■ Beautiful, smart and extremely active. At the moment, you also run a highly appreciated beauty center. When and why did you decide to open Rose Marie? And why this name?

I started working in this field 5 years ago, since then I felt that this branch has a real potential and will be increasingly accessed by both sexes from an early age. From a timidly accessed business and as a secondary source of income, it has become, in half a decade, my soul project and is an amalgam of accomplishments, experiences, successes, both personally and financially.

Why Rose Marie?!

Why not?

You’ve probably heard of Rose Marie Mazzetta, an American film, television and voice actress. I simply found myself in everything that represents this unique, delicate, determined, ambitious and sharp being, a lifelong example of “SO YES!”. According to her autobiography, “Hold the Roses,” she has been helped in her career by many members of organized crime, including Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel, according to dcnews. Not in my case, but I will strive for this beautiful name to last more than 94 years!

■ Did your participation in the Survivor show affect your business projection in any way? How did that experience change you?

Nothing is more captivating than winning! Achieving a goal is addictive; it’s like an addictive drug. Once we taste victory, we want more and more, right?!

The prize is attractive, you want it, you probably really need it, and you feel that it is close to you and that you have real chances to win. If you don’t participate, you have no chance to acquire it, obviously, making a parallel in business, if you don’t take risks, you don’t win!

But that’s not my case! Because fear prevented me from making decisions that would have changed my life for the better, I decided to test my physical and mental abilities by enrolling in the preselection. For me, the ultimate test was to reach the competition, a test that I passed with flying colors, managing to be chosen from over 11,000 participants, without knowing the real number of people registered, which I later understood would have exceeded 100,000.

The show, along with its format, left its mark on my life to a certain extent, as I continued the experience called “The Survivor” in everyday life.

Aurelia Ardelean

■ You certainly have more women than men as clients. What services do you offer in general, and what services do you have dedicated to men? Do you think that a special education is needed to develop this segment as well?

Rose Marie Estetiq Center offers complete beauty services that are foldable for both women and men. In our center we have included hairstylist services, makeup, manicure, therapeutic massage, tanning studio, body remodeling, and facial skin care treatments.

Our consistent customers have multiple benefits: free image counseling, free weight loss program and promotional packages. Most of them know all the advantages of the treatments performed in the center and return repeatedly at regular intervals, there is no question of requiring education in this regard!

Is the equipment you have equipped with the center or the team that manages this equipment more important? How do you gain customer trust?

The equipment together with the team is complementary, functioning as a unitary whole and being indispensable to each other!

We have won the trust of our clients both by using high quality devices and by allocating a personalized time to each patient, according to his needs!

■ Aurelia Ardelean, we are an aesthetic and anti-aging magazine. What anti-aging solutions do you offer to your customers?

It’s easy to have a healthy complexion, if you know how to take care of it properly and what products you should use. The first step is to identify your skin type and familiarize you with what steps should not be missing from your daily care ritual!

The process continues with make-up removal and cleansing of the skin, skin toning, skin exfoliation, skin hydration. All these steps must be completed with the use of a cream with a protection factor of 50, at least. Water, lots of water, no excuses, and last but not least, let’s not forget the “beauty sleep”!

■ What are the most requested procedures at Rose Marie? Are you involved in consulting clients?

Our center can be accessed from basic services, such as hygiene and facial care, to therapies that include deep hydration, reduction and elimination of wrinkles, post-acne or post-operative scars. We provide customers with revolutionary equipment, unique in Transylvania, non-invasion treatments, with visible results right from the first session. 

The most accessed services within the center is the final hair removal, the truth is that we have one of the top 3 devices in the world, the latest generation of lasers, recognized and awarded internationally. Soprano ICE is used by experts in renowned clinics around the world, representing a new era in the field of lasers for removing unwanted hair, incorporating several wavelengths and technologies, allows us to treat a wide variety of patient typologies and phototypes, quickly and painless, any time of the year!

I want to attach a short description of the device, as it is simply extraordinary!

Soprano ICE features patented Alex technology, which combines the benefits of the high absorption allowed by the 755nm Alexandrite wavelength with the coverage and comfort offered by the diode laser.

Advanced ICE technology cools the skin during treatment for longer periods of time, minimizing the risk of burns and maintaining heat inside the dermis, where the follicles are treated. The result is a revolutionary solution for removing unwanted strands that offers superior results for all hair types, including dark ones.

Aurelia Ardelean

■ What are Aurelia Ardelean’s future plans? Do you intend to develop in other markets?

“Make plans for the future, because the future is where you will spend the rest of your life!”

This is my premise; I focus on keeping my business on the front line. Other intentions in the future, apart from the fact that I am in negotiations with a TV trust for a new concept, would be represented by the desire to enjoy what I have achieved so far with my family!

Aurelia Ardelean, what makes you feel powerless? What would you like to change at this time in both business and private life?

Being a business woman with a certain experience, I am also an extremely calculated person, with a realistic thinking, but, at the same time, I tend to reach the absolute. Although the ideal would be to anticipate and control situations, both in business and personally, life always comes with surprises! Although some say that we are powerless in the face of fatality, others that we draw our destiny, I believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle, so I am always prepared for unforeseen situations, despite the fact that I can not foreshadow them!

Regarding the change of some aspects of my career and family, I want to mention that I would not change anything. The present is the result of the past and the future, a projection of the present, without the mistakes of the past I would not have learned the lessons I take into account in the present, and without what I am now, I could not discover an even better version of me in the future!

■ Thoughts for Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine readers?

Man is a center of thought so he produces thoughts. All the forms that man creates must first exist in his reflections; he cannot give shape to a thing without it existing in the incipient phase in the form of an idea.

Thus, there are no beautiful thoughts without beautiful forms, and vice versa.

“Love yourself!”

Aurelia Ardelean

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