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Beauty trends

Beauty trends

Cosmetic treatments and invasive cosmetic treatments remain some of the most popular choices for adults.

Beauty trends

By Dr. Fabian Gurău

Beauty and the pursuit of perfection have always existed; The first plastic surgery was performed as early as 800 before Christ in India. But, if we think about the years when modern cosmetic surgery began to be performed, the appearance of modern plastic surgery, we remember that the subject itself was a taboo one. The celebrities and not only, who started resorting to plastic surgery, did it in unknown, private clinics, it was embarrassing to go through such interventions. The cosmetic surgery was done without being obvious, and when he was there, everything was denied.

The 2000s, however, came with a new trend in plastic surgery. It had become fashionable to use as many fillers as possible, the filling of the lips with hyaluronic acid to be as obvious as possible, it was required to be a “Barbie girl” or why not, to be “Ken”, in the case of men. It was not a shame to resort to cosmetic surgery, it was a pride that you did it and especially if it was a successful operation, regardless of the patient’s request.

Today we return to the trend of the years when women want the most natural beauty possible. No, cosmetic surgery or beauty treatments have not been given up, quite the opposite as the statistics show, there has been an increase of about 30% in the last 2 years, with the onset of the pandemic.

The latest trends in beauty have been influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, although it was a challenge in 2020, cosmetic surgery has increased in number in 2021, the year 2022 is likely to have the same success.

Recent studies say that working from home has influenced this trend, that people have had much more time to spend on social media, which has created another psychological impact. The calls on Zoom media, the image in the video cameras as others see you from different angles, had a strong impact in making you aware of your appearance. Also, working from home, patients had much more free time to recover from cosmetic interventions or mask these interventions.

The most popular trends in the aesthetics of 2021-2022 would be those of breast implants, rhinoplasty or reduction / melting of solutions in the cheekbones or lips. Cosmetic treatments and invasive cosmetic treatments remain some of the most popular choices for adults.

Reducing or melting excess hyaluronic acid used to fill the cheekbones or lips is called HYALURONIDASE.- This procedure is used to melt hyaluronic acid, if it has been injected in excess, erroneously, or if the solution has migrated to unwanted areas, or if you simply want to return to the appearance before the intervention.

The procedure consists in injecting an enzyme that attacks, degrades only the hyaluronic acid that has been introduced into the body, not the natural one, produced by our body. The absorption effect can occur in less than 24 hours, and a second injection may not be necessary, depending on the severity of the situation and how each body reacts. Small bruises can occur, especially in the dark circles, but they disappear quickly, and in most cases these bruises are caused by the dissolution of hyaluronic acid, rather than by the procedure itself.

Beauty trends

The procedure itself must be done carefully by expert doctors and it is important to make the patient aware of the change in appearance. Especially since we had patients who asked for their lips to be reduced to their original shape, and after 24 hours after removing the hyaluronic acid, to return to the office and ask for a new operation similar to the one made before removing the hyaluronic acid.

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It is known that women and men always, especially since today there is unlimited access to social media and TV, choose their role models as public figures, who are successful due to their physical appearance. The trend today in the world of fashion is to resort to the least visible surgeries, without forgetting that they are made to correct and improve the physical appearance, still remaining on the line of the search for aesthetic perfection.

The reduction of breast implants is a new trend of recent years. Statistically, in 2021, more than 30,000 women underwent breast implants. The demand for implants over 500 mg has been significantly reduced, but we must always take into account the physical appearance and the size of the natural breast when we, as plastic surgeons, choose the most suitable implant together with the patient.

Breast correction in men, called Gynecomastia, is a new trend in recent years. Men, like women, seek perfection in physical appearance. We will certainly see more and more consumers of plastic surgery.

Each patient is unique, and should be treated in the most beneficial way both in creating a pleasant physical appearance, correcting small imperfections, and restoring self-confidence and a smile on his face. The greatest satisfaction of the surgeon is the patient satisfied with the result of the intervention.

The new medical discoveries in the field of aesthetics make the interventions as uninvasive as possible and with the fastest possible results, and the patients always remain physically young, regardless of age.

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