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Bint Sireethorn, Miss International: When I landed in Romania, I thought: “WOW! This is Heaven!”

Bint Sireethorn, Miss International: When I landed in Romania, I thought: “WOW! This is Heaven!”

Romania goes International is a project designed to attract incoming tourists to Romania and it involves the one-week visit of the current Miss International. Miss International is one of the 3 biggest and most prestigious beauty contests in the world (along with Miss World and Miss Universe). This year, it celebrates its 60th edition and is watched by millions of fans around the world.

Bint Sireethorn, Miss International

By Ada Maria Ileana

The main guest, Sireethorn Leearamwat (nicknamed Bint), is a pharmacist and the first woman from Thailand to win Miss International, in 2019. She also has the longest reign in Miss International history (3 years) due to the cancellation of the competition during the pandemic. She is currently a famous actress and model in Asia with hundreds of thousands of fans.

The project is organized by Ada-Maria Ileana, who will represent Romania at the 60th edition of Miss International, in December 2022, in Tokyo, Japan. Ada is 25 years old, from Bucharest and has a Master of Science in Public Policy from the prestigious University College London. For 6 years, Ada has been working as an English teacher, certified by Cambridge. Since her crowning as Miss International Romania, from April 2021, Ada has dedicated her attention and time to the promotion of Romanian culture. Moreover, she organized successful charity events, including the “Together for Girls and Women” fashion show.

Ada Maria Ileana conducted an exclusive interview with Bint Sireethorn for Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine.

Ada Maria Ileana: “Bună”! Hey Bint! So, I want to talk about your experience in Romania. Can you tell me your best memory here?

Bint Sireethorn: The best memory is that of visiting the Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni. It was difficult to take a photo there because it’s so cold. But actually, I felt warmth because I was around you and our new friends. I like how it turned out! I really liked the mountain area. You have many castles, different from how it is in my country. Naturally, I was very impressed by the Peleș royal castle. I was also impressed by the “Dimitrie Gusti” National Museum of the Village, where you organized an unforgettable event for me, but also the Old City Center of Bucharest. I was delighted to learn that many buildings are 100-200 years old and some are even older. Also, the hotel where I stayed (Casa Capșa) is very old and extremely elegant. Even if you told me that Bucharest is hectic, I don’t think so. I find it a much quieter and calmer city compared to many cities in Asia.

Ada Maria Ileana: What similarities and differences have you noticed between Romania and Thailand?

Bint Sireethorn: As similarities, I could mention people. Welcoming and smiling, as it is with us. Wherever you go in Thailand, you meet smiling people who want to help you, regardless of the situation. From what I’ve seen, it’s the same with you. All the Romanians I met are communicative, smile and want to talk to me. The big difference is the weather. It’s always hot in my country, while in Romania you have 4 seasons. So everyone can have a favorite part of the year. Now it’s Fall here and I can say that the weather is lovely, even if it’s colder than I’m used to. I admired the autumn colors of the mountains, of the forests. In Thailand, everything is always green, with summer all year round, but here, you encounter a complexity of colors. I admired, for example, the orange shades of the trees.

Ada Maria Ileana: Yes, we had a very nice group, we stayed friends. And what was your first impression when you arrived?

Bint Sireethorn: What beautiful weather! You know, it’s so different from Thailand. In Thailand, we always have hot weather, so when I landed I thought “WOW!”. This is Heaven! It’s so cool!

Ada Maria Ileana: What is it like to be Miss International?

Bint Sireethorn: It made me feel different. I used to be a pharmacist and I loved this job. But one day I decided to do something else and rediscover myself. So I decided to participate in the contest without anyone’s help. Initially, I had the title of Miss Bangkok, and then Miss Thailand. After that, I said that I must definitely go for Miss International. Things happened so fast after I won. I met a lot of people, I became an actress in Thailand, and I traveled a lot.

Ada Maria Ileana: Of the people you met, who was the most interesting person?

Bint Sireethorn: The most interesting is the woman I met yesterday (October 6th). The owner of the wedding dresses (talking about Ana-Maria Lungu, owner and designer Aryanna Karen). Ana is, I feel, a strong woman. She’s smart! She told me about Social Media Marketing. This is how women can reach people who are interested in their business and I enjoyed talking to her so much.

Ada Maria Ileana: Yes, she enjoyed talking to you too, for sure! Do you have plans to return?

Bint Sireethorn: Of course! I spoke to you because I was very impressed. I just want to tell everyone who sees this interview that you live in the most beautiful place I have ever visited! You know, one thing that occurred to me is that it’s a perfect place to live. You have cultural and historical buildings, landscapes and I think your government is doing very well. When I walked down the road, the buildings gave me the same feeling; everyone knows that this is Romania. And nature, you really take care of it! I didn’t think there was any trash. The trees grow beautifully, I think you manage to take care of nature, all Romanians do. And the people are kind. I didn’t expect that because I thought people would be so cold, but actually, they are so kind!

Ada Maria Ileana: Yes, Romanians are welcoming.

Bint Sireethorn: Yes, I’m always smiling just like you!

Ada Maria Ileana: What message do you have for Romanians?

Bint Sireethorn: I think you are lucky to be here, to be born here and to live here. You live in one of the most wonderful countries in the world, in my experience!

Ada Maria Ileana: Would you recommend Romania to your friends?

Bint Sireethorn: Of course! Thailand, know that here is a hidden gem of Europe! Even if you go to another country, don’t forget to stop by because it’s amazing! Not to be missed, honestly!

Ada Maria Ileana: Asian women are famous for their beautiful skin. Tell us what your skincare secret is!

Bint Sireethorn: I don’t have a very complicated routine, but I always make sure to moisturize my skin with cream. It also helps that I drink more than 2 liters of water a day. When I wear a lot of makeup for several days in a row, for shoots, photo shoots or visits, I choose to use face masks to help my skin recover.

Ada Maria Ileana: Now, everyone wants to hear you speak a little more Romanian. So, can you tell us about your favorite food? I can help you, don’t worry!

Bint Sireethorn: Sarmale, papanași, mici, ciulama, ciorbă. “Bună” and “Mulțumesc”!

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