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Diana Munteanu

Diana Munteanu


Diana Munteanu I love LED mesotherapy and consider it extremely good

What is Diana Munteanu’s beauty ritual?

The most important step in my routine is cleansing, cleansing the skin. In the morning and in the evening, and once a month, deep cleansing with exfoliating masks or at the clinic with Dermalinfusion, a procedure designed to cleanse and moisturize, but at the same time, to even out the skin. Then, whatever it is, the moisturizer because I have a mixed / dry skin and I always need it. And in the summer, obviously, SPF 50 for the face, right in the first hour.

What minimally invasive cosmetic procedures does Diana Munteanu have?

The doctor I have been going to for some years, Dr. Florin Juravle, told me that if I take care of hydration and do a few rejuvenation treatments per season, I can rest easy for another 10 years. And I do that. I love LED mesotherapy and consider it extremely good and this year I tested Dermapen for the first time, a procedure that has the role of stimulating collagen and introducing many vitamins into the deep layers of the skin.

Are cosmetic interventions a matter of privacy?

In my opinion, yes. But I do not necessarily agree when things are obvious and yet it is not said. As for me, I have no surgery other than a cesarean.

How much does Diana Munteanu invest annually in anti-aging procedures and on which she is dependent?

I didn’t do a calculation but, there’s something there 🙂 But, in my job, I consider this more than common sense. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I eat healthy, exercise and sleep well. And I think it helps a lot with the metabolism.

How does Diana Munteanu define a beautiful woman?

Beauty is a whole! There is no physical beauty without something inside. Or you may not have perfect features and still have magic! I think that a beautiful woman is a woman who trusts her, who has femininity and sensuality and who always smiles!

Does beauty bring benefits in everyday life?

Yes, of course 🙂 And who says no, it’s just hypocrisy. But obviously it can bring disadvantages as well.

What cosmetic surgery would Diana Munteanu never have?

None! But never, never – Rhinoplasty!

How are women in Romania compared to women in other European countries? Do you think that the trend of cosmetic surgery is very high in our country?

Yes, it is extremely high. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. But during the holidays I went to the beach in recent years, I noticed a natural trend. Which makes me happy.

What do you think about men who resort to such cosmetic interventions?

I appreciate men who take care of themselves, but obviously everything is in moderation. And in their case, as well as women.

Thoughts for Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine readers.

Always be healthy, authentic and smiling!

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