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Dives Med – a new range of innovative products has arrived on the Romanian market

Dives Med – a new range of innovative products has arrived on the Romanian market

In recent years, beauty and performance have reached another level. They have gone from being aspirational to tangible and much more attainable. And all this with the help of the evolution of medicine, research in the field and brands that have relied on performance and innovation, as is Dives Med.

Dives Med – a new range of innovative products has arrived on the Romanian market

Who is Dives Med?

An international brand with a clear mission – to provide beauty and confidence to people!

 From the beginning, Dives Med had a clear mission: to revolutionize the market, to meet the needs of patients, but also to bring beauty closer to people. And behind this mission, there were dozens of specialists, who did research for years. They created, tested and improved new, different formulas until they arrived at the best form and variant of them.

This new brand stood out by creating a new dimension of medical and cosmetic products, created to provide healthy and beautiful skin to all patients. Innovative compositions, synergistic combinations, high condensation of formulas and modern and advanced production technologies are the world of DIVES MED, where Beauty and Youth are POSSIBLE again.

Safe-Core technology takes aesthetic medicine to another level

The innovative, patented Safe-Core production technology allows extending the durability of the products and leads to the improvement of their properties. We are talking about density, stability and resistance to the metabolic process, properties that offer greater remanence, especially in the case of procedures with hyaluronic acid or its compounds. Their dynamic and plastic structure results from the innovative protection of acid molecules with a three-dimensional network of non-cross-linked acid chains. The highly structured, well-arranged and externally stabilized nucleus slows down the process of decomposition of acid molecules and increases its efficiency.

And this does not only happen with hyaluronic acid, because Dives Med has one of the most varied product ranges on the market, from peels, products designed for mesotherapy, PDO and COG threads, but also a varied range of cosmetic products dedicated to skin care, after minimally invasive aesthetic interventions.

Minimally invasive treatments, with spectacular results

Perhaps, one of the most important assets of the Dives Med brand is the creation and launch of innovative products, which no other brand on the market currently has.

We are talking about products such as: Eyebag treatment – ​​an innovative product that manages to fade the effect of “bags” under the eyes. Before, to treat this problem, patients had to go to the surgeon. Through revolutionary technology, this product manages to help lymphatic drainage and reduce the unpleasant appearance of the eye area. Of course, we are also talking about a lot of other products dedicated to minimally invasive therapies, from mesotherapy products, peeling or hyaluronic acid, with increased remanence.

Originally from Germany, the brand is now also available in our country, where it aims to establish itself in a short time. And the chances are very high, considering the fact that it brings a lot of new products and technologies, which Romanian patients deserve to enjoy.

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