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Dr. Oana Manciu (M SKIN): “I chose M SKIN for the M Hospital concept – integrated medical services with state-of-the-art equipment”

Dr. Oana Manciu (M SKIN): “I chose M SKIN for the M Hospital concept – integrated medical services with state-of-the-art equipment”

M Skin is the newest beauty clinic in Bucharest. With a different concept from those on the market, it aims to reach the top of beauty clinics in Romania as soon as possible. Consistent investments in state-of-the-art medical equipment and a professional medical team make M Skin an extremely important player in this beauty industry.

One of the top doctors of the clinic is Dr. Oana Manciu, a professional doctor, passionate about beauty and determined.

“My area of ​​competence also extends to the surgical area”

“Facial aesthetics is a demanding job in terms of the fact that it involves professionalism, passion and seriousness.

I am Doctor Oana Manciu, Plastic Surgeon in Bucharest and practically Medicine and Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery since 2013.

I have had a passion for beauty since I was a child and I want my patients to benefit from professional and modern services, by applying world-famous surgical techniques.

M Skin Clinic has the newest and most advanced equipment currently available on the market in the field of facial and body aesthetics.

The professional services I offer also show that since its launch, many patients have turned to the services of the M Skin clinic.

Dr. Oana Manciu (M SKIN)

“Even from the first year of college I knew what I wanted to do. Thus, for almost 15 years I have been studying, working and improving myself as an aesthetic doctor. ” Dr. Oana Manciu.

By practicing this beautiful profession, I gained notable experience in facial aesthetics, namely skin beautification procedures, cell rejuvenation and renewal, botulinum toxin injection, lip augmentation, facial lifting and many other current procedures. The results obtained from the application of these procedures take into account that the physical aspects of the patients should be highlighted in the most natural way possible.

Together with M Skin, I set out to redefine the beauty industry in Romania. We have a team of professional people, and the equipment I work with is of the highest quality. I also chose M Skin because, being part of M Hospital, the first complex of integrated medical services with state-of-the-art modern equipment, I have the opportunity to practice in the field in which I specialized. In addition to the beauty area, my area of ​​expertise extends to the surgical area, being specialized in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery. I do everything with professionalism and passion, because, for me, this activity is more than a job, it is a lifestyle “, says Dr. Oana Manciu.

A wide range of patients at the M Skin clinic

Although it has recently opened, the M Skin clinic has already become very popular with Bucharest residents. “I am glad that in a fairly short time I attracted an important mass of patients. We have collaborated with many of them in the past, and because they were satisfied, they continued to use the services they offer. I have a wide range of patients, women, men, young women in their 20s or ladies in their 70s. Beauty does not take into account gender or age. Of course, each stage of life comes with its necessities , some patients want a depigmentation or photovascular treatment, others want to reduce their vascular lesions or need an anti-acne treatment. What is important to know is that at M Skin we algorithmically prioritize the treatments, taking into account the physiological differences between the sexes”, says Dr. Oana Manciu.

What does M Skin offer?

At M Skin, patients can benefit from a wide range of dermato-cosmetic services, prioritized according to their needs.

Pigmentation treatment

The pigmentation treatment evens out the color differences on the skin with the help of technology based on light energy pulses (EFB). M Skin uses one of the most advanced equipment that uses IPL (intense pulsed light) technology. For almost 30 years, the manufacturer of this technology, EFB beauté, has manufactured the only devices on the market that can ensure a constant level of intensely pulsed light throughout the life of the applicators, thanks to an exclusively patented process, SRE. After only a few sessions the results become visible in only 10 days.

■ Photovascular treatment

This type of treatment is applied in areas with unsightly peripheral vascularity and is completely non-invasive. The filtered light of the Anthélia equipment provides the heat source needed to contract the small blood vessels, leading to the gradual disappearance of dilated spider veins and telangiectasias.

■ Anti-aging and anti-acne treatments

EFB – Anthélia impulses can be used in various face and body treatments. The technology reduces the effects of skin aging by reducing wrinkles and fine lines, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, gives the skin firmness and a lifting effect, evens out the skin.


Anthélia technology is also used successfully to treat inflammatory acne and reduce sebum production.

Vascular lesions

EFB taxes are also used successfully to reduce vascular lesions, reduce erythrosis and treat spider veins, angiomas and rosacea.


At M Skin patients have the opportunity to have permanent hair removal at any time of the year and regardless of hair color or if the skin is tanned. The new RAFALE technology is used, based on intensely pulsed light, which generates a light with low fluency but high speed. It is ideal for long-term photo-epilation of sensitive skin: the skin is stimulated faster, gradually increasing the temperature of the hair roots to destroy them.

No discomfort: the treatment using RAFALE technology is gentle and gives a pleasant feeling of warmth. While treatments with intense pulsed light are a contraindication for sun exposure at least 4 weeks before each treatment, RAFALE technology allows treatment 72 hours before and after sun exposure. At M Skin RAFALE photoepilation is done in perfect safety and comfort. Patients’ eyes are protected, thanks to the new pair of goggles. The patented EFB filter reduces the spectrum of light emitted 200 times more efficiently than standard IPL goggles.

Algorithmically prioritized treatments

At M Skin, bioenergy-synchronized technologies are used for facial and body rejuvenation treatments. These refer to the revolutionary state-of-the-art equipment called Futura Pro. Any area can be treated according to priorities and the new program, which will automatically activate the specific settings for each area, intelligent treatment with permutations to provide maximized results of body and facial reshaping completely customized at the touch of a button.

Algorithmically prioritized Male/Female treatments

This feature effectively offers two completely different sets of programs that take into account the physiological differences between the sexes. The Futura Pro system records vital statistics and automatically alternates each program to match the changing silhouette to maximize results.

Treatment of scars and pigmented lesions with innovative Sylfirm X technology

M Skin also has the innovative, state-of-the-art system, SYLFIRM X, approved by the FDA, which combines microelectrode therapy and bipolar fractional radiofrequency. This innovative device uses advanced dual wave, continuous wave and pulsed wave technology, is used effectively in lifting and antiaging procedures, in treating various types of scars, as well as in treating pigmented and vascular lesions such as melasma, spider veins. and rosacea, which were difficult to treat with traditional microneedling or RF systems.

The world’s first dual-wave system, at M Skin

M Skin has the newest and most powerful device currently on the market. One of M Skin‘s top equipment is SylfirmX, the world’s first dual-wave radio frequency system. “SylfirmX is one of my favorite devices. This innovative device uses advanced technology to effectively treat skin rejuvenation and scarring, as well as pigmented and vascular lesions such as melasma, diffuse redness and rosacea. SylfirmX microelectrodes are gold-plated, and because they are uninsulated, there are no visible lesions on the surface of the skin. Another important device for me is the CO2 Laser, with the help of which the facial rejuvenation can be achieved efficiently and quickly ”, says Dr. Oana Manciu.

Top medical equipment

The professionalism of doctors is complemented by the most advanced devices in the field of dermato-cosmetic procedures existing at this time of the market. SylfirmX is the first treatment in the world that combines microneedling and radiofrequency technology with dual wave for lifting, anti-wrinkle effect, rosacea, acne or stretch marks; LPG Alliance is the number 1 device in body remodeling, with visible results after the first 3 sessions; Clatuu is the cryolipolysis treatment that permanently eliminates fat deposits; Anthelia is the device that performs permanent progressive hair removal and anti-aging treatments with ILP (intense pulsed light). M Skin also uses the best solutions for acne, hyperpigmentation, dry or aged skin, produced by Obagi Medical.

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