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Dr. Pascal Dameh

Dr. Pascal Dameh

The difference is where experience speaks for itself!

Discover excellence and professionalism in the Dr. Pascal Dameh clinic

He makes art from plastic surgery and we dare  to say that every patient is like a work of Dr. Pascal Dameh. With multiple international specializations and a lifetime experience in the field that gives him expertise and competence, the doctor is without a doubt an exceptional doctor whose results speak for themselves.

Dr. Pascal Dameh is a specialist with a lot of experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery, trainer and international speaker and Ambassador of the Romanian Medical Association of Medicine “Anti-Aging”.

With a commendable professional training, the doctor has distinguished himself in the world where the scalpel is the magic wand of beauty due to its many excellent results, and happy clients are pure proof of the work and dedication of the doctor, who left a strong mark on the domestic market.

His vocation and passion for work derives his excellence in training, and Dr. Pascal Dameh has also distinguished himself in his professional evolution as an ambassador and scientific member of the Scientific Council for Women’s Health (ICC) and trainer in Romania.

Packed with meticulous training over the years, Dr. Pascal Dameh’s key point is his creativity in the field and his ability to apply new innovative techniques in the field of cosmetic surgery. As medicine is a constantly evolving field, the doctor goes at the same pace as the constant evolution of new procedures, and patients who want a change no longer have to look for answers outside the country, because inside Dr. Pascal Dameh Clinic, in Bucharest, they will discover exactly what they have been looking for for a long time.

As beauty is a job for both parties, when you have a doctor by your side who supports your effort at every step, everything becomes simpler. Without hesitation, the difference is imposed where the experience speaks for itself, and Dr. Pascal Dameh has many years in his history that have strengthened the image of a heavyweight aesthetic doctor, recognized among the most beautiful women in Bucharest and Romania.

In the doctor’s office, people eager for a change can choose from the interventions and starting with January, patients can also enjoy body treatments with the Eximia device or permanent hair removal, one of the most sought after procedures in recent years.

You can get rid of body imperfections if you leave it in the hands of specialists in the field, moreover you will always forget about unsightly hairs if you choose to do the right treatment.

In one place, ladies and gentlemen find a suite of answers to the problems they have. An exceptional doctor imposes himself not only by his skill in his work, but also by his human quality, confidentiality being a golden aspect.

Beauty is a desideratum, but it is also a framework of discretion, something sought by many patients, who show their imperfections and open up to a specialist who has the elegance to respect confidentiality. Dr. Pascal Dameh also stands out in this delicate chapter, being a doctor who defends, helps and adds value to every person who crosses the threshold of his office.

If there are signs of aging or the complexes have overshadowed self-esteem or if nature has not been generous enough, a visit to the doctor’s office will provide anyone with an answer as well as tangible solutions.

Present almost all the time at international conventions and attentive to each of his patients, Dr. Pascal Dameh remains an important esthetician who works with golden hands to achieve the most harmonious features and the best results for both people facing problems, as well as for people who want an improvement, no matter how small.

You can find Dr. Pascal Dameh in his clinic DR.PASCAL DAMEH, located at: Str. Constantin Aricescu, Nr. 18 – Section 1. If you want more information you can call the phone number +4 0745 539 109 or you can send an email to

“It’s not enough to be good, it has to be perfect!” Choose quality and experience first and foremost and dare to make a choice now that will make you happy later.