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Dr. Renert Gad

Dr. Renert Gad

A resonant name in aesthetic medicine in Romania

Dr. Renert Gad: Most people already know how to document themselves, do it quite well, and are able to understand complex notions of procedures.

You are a resonant name in aesthetic medicine in Romania. When did your career in the field start and why did you stay in Romania?

I always wanted to be a doctor, since childhood I came to Romania after I completed my military service in Israel to study medicine. I was received very nicely and after graduation for economic reasons I decided to stay and try to specialize here because of the transfer back in Israel it was impossible d.p.d.v. economic. She was the best decision I could have made at the time. Already at the beginning I was 4 years older than my classmates and if I came back in Israel I was losing another 2-3 years, maybe even more.

How long did it take you to build a stable clinic with a strong team like you have now?

It took many years, not only for studies and practice but also for difficult attempts to build a boutique clinic, niche on minimally invasive treatments, its promotion through magazines and TV… going against the old and archaic system of leaders of our specialty, being among the first who opened such a clinic during his residency.

Today, after 13 years, there are hundreds of such clinics… I’m glad I was able to be among the pioneers in this field.

Today, I focus more on high performance in cosmetic surgery and try to develop the clinic in this direction.

What is Dr. Renert Gad’s favorite cosmetic procedure?

It always changes according to my interest at that moment, I always learn and change techniques and procedures. Now for example I am fascinated by facial endoscopic surgery, I have been struggling for several years to develop it, having no close guide, this field is quite neglected in our specialty… that’s why I like to develop it in small steps and I am very happy when I see that I have better and better results.

What can you tell us about endoscopic cosmetic surgery?

I think it’s a fantastic field !!! This wonderful Invention, the video camera that enters through small incisions and you can work inside, at very great distances from the entry point, offers us some unimaginable possibilities!

Now I use it to lift the forehead, eyebrows, temples, the corner of the eye and the middle floor of the face through a few small incisions under the hair… The results are extremely stable and the recovery time is very short.

It gives me the opportunity to correct various postoperative complications, especially at the peri-ocular level without making any incisions at that level… I find it incredible, and I feel that I have only reached 2-3% of what can be done with this wonderful tool.

Your patients come from all over Europe. How do you manage to promote yourself outside Romania?

I haven’t promoted myself at all in the last few years. I have been intensely promoted in the past, it was enough to create a large patient base and to address me by recommendation. I have quite a few patients from outside Romania who saw the results of their friends and came to Romania for surgery. In the near future I will have a special coordinator only for these patients in view of increasing their comfort in a foreign country.

You are always up to date with the innovations in aesthetic medicine. One of them is HD ultrasound and plasma liposuction. How is this intervention received at the moment? What are the advantages over classic liposuction?

Liposuction was one of the first operations I did, right from the beginning of my career I invested in the latest technology in the field (in 2009 it was Aqualipo-liposuction with water jet) and I noticed what a big difference such a technology can make – time lower recovery, lower risk, much better results, etc.

2 years ago I decided to make a big upgrade and abandon Aqualipo in favor of ultrasound liposuction (VASER) combined with Plasma and radio frequency. There are 3 energy sources that simply revolutionize the results in this field. You can shape your body like a sculptor, with fantastic precision and the excess skin left on some people is no longer an impediment. It does not compare to any other procedure in the range of liposuction is a completely different intervention.

Lipo HD with Vaser and J-Plasma is received with great enthusiasm because people watch everything that happens in America, Brazil, South America and want everything new. It should be noted that the procedure is quite complex compared to a normal liposuction and the costs are commensurate, at least 3-4 times higher.

What is the predominant profile of Dr. Renert Gad’s patient?

It’s hard to say! I have patients between the ages of 18 and 80…. Patients with a wide age gap often intersect in the waiting room and look at each other and wonder, “What is this man doing here?”

My conclusion is that each of us wants to look a little better, regardless of age.

How do you see aesthetic medicine in our country, compared to the world leaders of aesthetic medicine?

I see it rising to the west, with the Russians leading the way, and we are not far behind. I’m not necessarily talking about the quality of services on the market, but more about the high demand at any age than the countries of Western Europe.

With time and quality will align with demand, I am convinced of this.

What are the expectations of patients in Romania compared to patients in other European countries? Is there a patient education? In expectations, in requirements?

Thanks to the wonderful internet, patients are self-educating… you can no longer educate a doctor who has read everything he has found about an intervention for 6 months. You can, at best, put things in order and try to undo the ones that are not true. It’s much harder than before when people listened to you and didn’t have hundreds or thousands of other opinions online.

On the other hand, most people already know how to document themselves, they do it quite well and they manage to understand complex notions of procedures that if I had to explain them I don’t know if I would have succeeded.

There is not much difference between Romanian or Western patients, they have extensive resources to document and this has become globalized as well as many others.

Thoughts for our magazine readers?

I hope you enjoyed this article, me and my fellow plastic surgeons in Romania do this job out of passion and we love to show you from time to time a small part of our professional life. Remember and use your own discernment when choosing a doctor, look for and ask what specialty he has, what grade, where he was educated and how long he has been a specialist or primary doctor…. It is your responsibility to ask these questions !!! Do not go to the doctor with your eyes closed. Remember: Not everything that is new is good and not everything that is old is bad!

I wish you a happy new year!!!

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