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Exceptional interview with Dr. Pascal Dameh, the doctor for whom the scalpel is the beauty wand

Exceptional interview with Dr. Pascal Dameh, the doctor for whom the scalpel is the beauty wand

Choose quality and experience first. Exceptional interview with Dr. Pascal Dameh, the doctor chosen by celebrities everywhere

Exceptional interview with Dr. Pascal Dameh, the doctor for whom the scalpel is the beauty wand

With a commendable professional training, Dr. Pascal Dameh stands out in a world where the scalpel is the wand of beauty, and the happy client is the testimony of his work and dedication. Its many outstanding results leave a deep imprint on the Romanian market and beyond. The key point of Dr. Pascal Dameh is creativity in the field and skill in applying new innovative techniques in cosmetic surgery.

Renowned in Romania, but also abroad due to the results obtained over time, but also for its participation in numerous congresses and specialized courses in major cities around the world, it offers some of the best alternatives in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Pascal Dameh is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, trainer and international speaker, with extensive experience, who has been noted on a large scale due to his aesthetic techniques and his professional training at the highest level.

What is the cosmetic surgery or intervention that women use most often?

Dr. Pascal Dameh tells us that breast augmentation surgery is one of the most sought after: “In the last 10 years, great strides have been made in plastic and aesthetic medicine, and the benefits of these advances are important, becoming more accessible both for people who want aesthetic changes, but also for people who have various accidents and it is plastic reconstruction required. If before patients who had such an operation suffered great postoperative pain and could not raise their hands for a long time after surgery, now daily activities can be resumed much faster. For example, I have many patients who return to office work just 5 days after the operation and resume driving a car automatically in just 10 days. Of course, all this on my recommendation, following a consultation on the assessment of health, after the intervention. Because the recovery after this intervention is much easier, it makes the breast augmentation operation one of the most requested in my clinic “, says Dr. Pascal Dameh.

Dr. Pascal Dameh offers excellence in aesthetic medicine, gathering in his record numerous training courses at the largest universities and brought to Romania new innovative techniques to minimize pain: “There are many persons who want to recover quickly after these surgical procedures to improve their physical appearance and in medicine studies have been done to discover new procedures that allow patients to recover more easily from noninvasive and invasive interventions,” says Dr. Pascal Dameh.

“Many women patients want this operation for several reasons. Either a much desired dream, the size of the breasts is not in harmony with the rest of the body, weight loss, pregnancy or a rejuvenation of their appearance, because gravity acts and the breasts will sag over time, even after breast surgery. It has been shown that people who have a strong self-image are usually more confident, effective in social activities, manage to develop their inner strength and are more comfortable in their relationships”, adds the specialist.

As beauty is a job on both sides, when you have a doctor by your side that supports your effort at every step, everything becomes simpler and it is important that each patient listens to the advice of the specialist.

How can patients are prepared before the breast implant, but also before any other intervention, for example liposuction, rhinoplasty, hyaluronic acid injection?

“Every surgery requires a set of tests to make sure that the patient is in good health and to treat certain conditions that are discovered on tests. Ideally, do not smoke two weeks before and after breast implant surgery. Before the operation, the patient is NOT allowed to take anti-inflammatory drugs, for example aspirin and for any treatment taken must notify the doctor.

There are no restrictions on food, only 12 hours before the operation it is not allowed to eat or drink fluids. These things also apply to other operations. After breast implant surgery it is important not to gain or lose much weight because it will influence the end result. I recommend to my patients who are having surgery that in the first 24 hours after they are discharged from the hospital they have a person who can help them, because it is possible after general anesthesia to feel dizzy and it is necessary to have helped to avoid lifting weights. Regarding non-invasive interventions such as lips, botox, dermapen, it does not require a certain preparation, most recommendations being post-procedure, but it is recommended to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs 7 days before the procedure, because there is a high risk of bruises.” Dr. Pascal Dameh tells us.

If there are signs of the passage of time or the complexes have overshadowed self-esteem or if nature has not been generous enough, a visit to the doctor’s office will provide anyone with an answer and tangible solutions.

Is there the right size for breast implant? What recommendations do you have for patients who want a breast implant and what are the aspects that should be taken into account?

“Breast augmentation surgery requires a deep understanding of the appropriate size and proportions for the breasts. Most women want their implants to look natural. The key to natural-looking implants is choosing a size that harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the body. A short woman can get a full and natural look with a smaller implant size than a taller woman with a larger frame.

Choosing the right size can also relieve you of back pain. Breast implants that are large in relation to body construction, often lead to back pain, chest pain, sore throat and incorrect posture.

In addition, the natural sleeping positions with which most women are accustomed are changed, because after breast implant surgery it is recommended not to sleep on the abdomen or side for a certain period of time. Also, women who had very small breasts before the operation, and later have larger sizes will go with their shoulders unconsciously bent, which makes their back pain even more pronounced.

Back pain is largely caused by large implant sizes, walking postures and sleeping position, so it is important to have the right posture to relieve the pain,”says Dr. Pascal Dameh.

Many women who want to have perfect and much dreamed breasts through breast augmentation surgery postpone this intervention because of the wrong information they find on the internet or because of myths about breast implants. It is very important not to give value to all the information we find on the internet, on forums, because anyone who has no medical knowledge or has not had any cosmetic surgery, can post their own beliefs about the breast implant that does not they are true and not based on any medical research.

Doctor, I want to talk about myths. Is it true that your own body could reject the breast implant or that there could be that “explosion” that is always talked about?

“We can’t talk about a reaction to reject breast implants in the medical sense of the word. This term is used for immune reactions when antibodies and cells responsible for the immunity of biological tissue attack a foreign body. For example, there may be a rejection when it comes to a heart transplant or a liver transplant. Thus, the silicone gel and the texture of the latest implant I use are neutral materials and compatible with the human body, are extremely well tolerated by the body but we can not speak of a rejection in the medical sense of the word.

Once introduced, the body’s natural reaction will be to isolate the breast implant from the surrounding tissues. The body creates a membrane around the prosthesis called the ~ capsule ~. This capsule is also formed around the hip prostheses, pacemakers and other foreign objects inserted in the body for various medical reasons. This is a normal reaction of the body. Sometimes, the body can overreact by producing more than enough fibrous tissue around the breast prosthesis that can deform the implant and even cause pain. This is called capsular contracture, which occurs in the case of older generation implants, but with the advancement of technology and medical practices, nowadays it is very rare for capsular contracture to occur with these state-of-the-art prostheses. State-of-the-art implants do not rupture; such cases are very rare and can occur as a consequence of subjecting the implant to excessive compressive forces during implantation. Experiments have been done that have shown that breast implants do not break even at very high pressures, unless they are stung or punctured “, explains Dr. Pascal Dameh.

With multiple international specializations and a life experience in the field that gives him expertise and competence, the doctor is without a doubt and perhaps an exceptional doctor whose results speak for themselves.

Can a patient resort to breast lift and breast implant at the same time? Do you recommend several interventions at once?

“Another popular surgical procedure is breast lift, which is also known as mastopexy. This surgical procedure improves the shape of the breasts by removing excess skin and reshaping them by lifting the breasts. Breast lift is also chosen by people whose nipples are Many women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts and want a change as soon as possible, but this procedure is not recommended for all people. It is very important to have realistic expectations of treatment.Before resorting to this intervention it is very important to understand both the benefits and the benefits. and risks and complications, and one of the most important stages in this journey to perfection is the consultation, in which they make all the measurements, depending on the circumference of the chest and the appearance of the breast, a minimum and maximum volume can be established, and the patient can “sample” different sizes of implants with a 3D scanner. The virtual simulation video presents a possible result of the intervention, and the patient can more easily understand what each size and shape of the implant means, but also pictures before and after the intervention. In choosing the right size, the elasticity of the skin plays a very important role. If the skin does not help us, it is not recommended that the two operations be done at the same time. We must have real expectations of this treatment, which is not easy at all.

Breastfeeding women who have had weight fluctuations cannot achieve the same result that a person with small breasts would achieve without major weight changes, because the elasticity of the skin suffers from these weight changes and often, it is normal to need a second intervention. In many other cases in my practice, there are many patients with more significant laxity, with skin lesions (such as excessive stretch marks) who want a larger implant to avoid mastopexy, but I do not recommend, because the result will not be lasting . By introducing implants, we add pressure to the skin, and trying to solve the problem with larger implants without mastopexy will amplify the problem over time. Forcing the skin tissue should be avoided, and large implants should be avoided. Any implant will put pressure on the lower pole of the breast, so there is always a risk that an implant will cause or exacerbate breast loss. I recommend to people who do not have good skin elasticity, and the degree of mastopexy is high, the interventions to be done in two different stages. Thus, the body has time to heal. The long-term outlook for these patients is less promising, as the weight of the implant may continue to put pressure on the lower pole over time, and the skin may sag, “says the specialist.

A key strategy for improving long-term outcomes is to perform breast lift and reduction and implants in two separate stages. But why do we have to wait a few months before the implant operation?

“This is due to the fact that the scar tissue must form in the pocket, which will provide support for an implant. Scar tissue is formed during recovery. This is the reason why patients will have surgery in the first stage, and then they will wait a few months before the implants are inserted “, says Dr. Pascal Dameh.

How long do you recommend wearing the bustier after breast implant? Why bustier and not normal bra and how many times can a woman do breast implant in a lifetime?

“The bustier is recommended to be worn for two months, day and night and one month only at night for the simple implant. In the case of mastopexy with implant, I recommend wearing the bustier for six months. Medical bustiers are specially designed for postoperative support, which helps to improve circulation, reduce swelling after surgery and keep the implant in the correct position. It also provides support for sensitive areas and reduces tension on newly formed scars to prevent them from spreading. Medical bustiers are made of special materials, so they are not uncomfortable, just as normal bras can be uncomfortable to wear day and night for a long time “, explains Dr. Dameh.

Injection of one’s own fat into certain parts of the body has become an increasingly well-known intervention. Is it a better solution than substances? When can such a procedure be used?

“It is an old desideratum of surgery that has become achievable in the last 10 years due to advances in technology and medical research. The fat is harvested by liposuction from the areas where it is superfluous, processed and injected in the area indicated by the patient. The advantage is that this procedure does not leave additional scars, and existing scars will be ameliorated. The fat will behave like a natural tissue, with a permanent filling effect. Such a procedure can be used whenever the patient wishes. Self-fat injection transfers fat from areas where you have excess fat such as the hips and injects it into areas without volume such as the face (facial lipofilling), hands, breasts or buttocks. This safe and long-lasting procedure offers very natural results “, the doctor tells us.

You are recognized in the field of aesthetics and especially that many of the celebrities in Romania turn to you for help. Can you give us some names?

“Over time, many well-known people from Romania have appealed, but confidentiality is the key point for me. Among the celebrities who were open to share this information with the public are Raluca Dumitru, Maria Constantin, Roxana Nemeș, Andreea Antonescu, Cătălin Cazacu and Betty Salam “, says Dr. Dameh.

Beauty is a desideratum, but it is also a framework of discretion, something sought by many patients, who show their imperfections and open up to a specialist who has the elegance to respect confidentiality. Dr. Pascal Dameh also stands out in this delicate chapter, being a doctor who defends, helps and adds value to every person who crosses the threshold of his office.

In the case of the artist Betty Salam, she turned to you out of necessity, after going through a birth. How did the operation go and what did you do?

“My patient turned to me out of necessity. After the birth, the shape of her breasts was no longer the same. The operation was a success and went extremely well. She collaborated excellently; which led to a perfect result “, confesses Dr. Pascal Dameh.

There are also situations in which very young people seek medical help because there have been many changes following a birth. This is also the case of the famous artist Betty Salam, who turned to Dr. Pascal Dameh for a breast implant, an intervention that was a real success, as she confessed to us and for her the change was one that came at the right time.

We know you had a breast implant, how was that experience for you, Betty? Do you recommend it to women in Romania?

“I expected it to be much harder, because I kept hearing from my friends who had a breast implant that it was painful. Indeed, there was pain, especially since I have three cuts, but I recovered quickly. And yes, I recommend it to women who need it, to feel better in their skin “, says Betty Salam.

The artist also says that she received valuable advice from Dr. Pascal Dameh, which made her feel strongly that she made the right choice: “When I went to Dr. Pascal Dameh, to see me before I had my operation, I told him that it was not a fad, but a necessity. The Doctor gave me a lot of advice and convinced me to make this good decision for myself “, the star confessed.

Her life changed radically, and his self-confidence increased after he sought the help of a specialist: “I gained more confidence, I feel better in my skin and I’m glad I can wear whatever clothes I want, because it was a problem every time, and I always hid my breasts, but there is no need. I have two months from the intervention and I am very well”, says Betty Salam, who is now enjoying her new appearance.

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