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Eyebrows, key balance in facial aesthetics

Eyebrows, key balance in facial aesthetics

Interview with MEDI KISS, a Romanian woman based in Belgium who is known as an eyebrow doctor

Eyebrows, key balance in facial aesthetics

Distance from home and needs have shown over time that they can turn ordinary people into successful business people. Leaving Romania in 2011, Medi, as she is known in the good world in Europe, had no choice but to succeed. She landed in Brussels, without money, without material situation, without a family to support her, only with a child whose needs determined her to find quick survival solutions. Although she was a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Oradea, College of Medical Cosmetics, Medi developed a passion for permanent makeup. In Belgium, the cost of living was overwhelming. He wanted to get more and do better things. He realized that the secret of success lies only in the satisfaction of the clients he had then. After 15 years in which he tried various techniques and products in which he was not completely found, he heard of Branco Babic. An industry revolutionary. He felt the need to be there, first and foremost in the field.

What was the key moment of your career? Can you introduce yourself to the readers of our magazine?

After a long career in permanent makeup, in which I tried various techniques and products, but only after 15 years of searching, by chance, I heard of Branco Babic who then seemed to bring something completely new in this industry. With a difficult financial situation, I decided to take a bank loan to take a specialization course, although the costs were astronomical for me at the time. Enthusiastically and confidently, I attended the first Phibrows course in February 2015, organized by Branco Babic and Zlata Kicin. But remember that Branco spoke Serbian and the course was held in Frankfurt, translated into German, and I did not speak any of these languages. The kit consisted of an aluminum pen, a compass, a few blades and 1-2 pigments, and the latex was a piece of vinyl, but my ambition and effort helped me to become an Artist Phibrows at ten in a very short time. days after the course. There was a great time with masterclasses in Belgrade where I learned a lot from the most talented artists. In less than 1 year, I became a Royal Artist, which gave me the ambition to climb higher and higher. Soon, the Academy introduced other branches of permanent makeup, and my specializations continued. In July 2016 I took the Phicontur course with Nicole Kern-Mutze. A long and beautiful journey followed with Zlata Kicin, with whom I took the Phibrows training course, after which, through repeated meetings, she prepared me from all points of view to become what I am today. During all this time I met celebrities, people with great professional values ​​and last but not least I made close friends. In 2016 I became a Double Royal Artist: Phibrows and Phicontour. My little business has been on the rise. Another branch followed, which is very close to my soul, facial treatments, studying at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy I have a special attraction to everything related to the skin. That was the reason why I took the Philings course with Vladimir Zec, and 2017 was the day I got my Master Phibrows degree. It was an experience that taught me that I can do more. Other Master’s degrees followed, such as Microneedling in 2019, Master Phibright in 2020, Master Powderbrows and Master Phihenna in 2020.

An upward and ambitious route. When did you open your first salon in Belgium and who was with you?

I opened my first salon, Diva, two years after I landed in Brussels and I did something pretty big, with a hairdresser, nails, cosmetics, because everyone here is just one branch, and I wanted to come with something new, like a Beauty Center. Of course, I soon made close friends and they were close to my family in Romania, my parents, my child. My friends and I tried to make a team work together, and with some of them I still make a very good team.

What do you think about the role of eyebrows in facial aesthetics?

It is extremely important. Especially now we see this role, along with wearing masks, when only the eyes can be seen, we need some eyebrows that will benefit us, to give us a young, cheerful look.

Eyebrows, key balance in facial aesthetics

What is the profile of patients who cross your threshold? What countries do they come from?

I have several patients. Brussels is a metropolis and of course I have clients from all nationalities or come from all countries, I have clients who come from Romania, France, England, who take a strict plane to make eyebrows and I am grateful to them for the effort they make. I do, I am aware that it is a much bigger effort than the one made by the clients here, but which I appreciate just as much.

Eyebrows, key balance in facial aesthetics

What is the most popular procedure for Diva?

Eyebrows, of course, but being a medical graduate, I also like to do facial treatments and small medical interventions, practically to add to the basic cosmetics. I love my eyebrows, I love my face and for this reason I struggled to teach, to pass on my science and I do this both online and to my students who come from various countries to Brussels.

How do you see the future of Diva? Expansion plans?

I want to expand and I am 3 years old since I opened my second salon in Brussels and I plan to create a slightly bigger center. The problem is that my daughter really wants to go to Los Angeles to settle there, and if she leaves, I’m ready to take on a new challenge and a new beginning, because I want to show my strength anywhere in the world.

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