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Fear and love

Fear and love

Elena Popescu-Grisogono

Our thoughts determine the extent to which we manifest our talents and abilities and determine the quality of our successes and failures.

Fear and love

By Elena Popescu-Grisogono

Therapist & Coach

Feelings establish and give rise to the kind of thinking that leads us to success or failure in everything we do. Feelings are the essence of progress or inhibition of our talents, abilities, and actions. In general, we have the knowledge and experience to handle situations, but the situations in our inner world are beyond us. Feelings determine the thoughts, and the thoughts that reside in our minds determine the events. If we classify feelings into negative and positive, we notice thoughts that are negative and positive, and we realize how a negative feeling that produces thousands of negative thoughts attracts unpleasant events. Negative feelings are manifested when we dislike what we see, hear, think, or remember. Reaction to something we don’t like takes the form of feelings of anger, fear, suffering, or anxiety. We have not learned anywhere to look inside, to observe our emotions, feelings, and moods, to know what to do with them. But are we willing to see them, to analyze them? Looking inside, we realize that our feelings hinder us in everything we do, frustrate our efforts, and act against us.

Theta Healing

We believe that the events and relationships in our lives make us suffer, and we try to understand what is wrong, where we are wrong, who is to blame, and why. When we realize that our emotions, self-doubt, insecurity, inadequacy, compassion, desire to get the approval of others, fear, – their negative impact on us make us create behavioral patterns that we run unconsciously, and attract experiences unpleasant, when we realize that emotions are the basis of all our states and experiences, we will be willing to give them up. Everything we gather inside comes out. Negative feelings come in, decisions that are on the same level come out.

We fear that this journey of inner discovery will lead us to a terrible, perhaps even terrible, truth. It’s just a barrier to freedom. We know what it’s like to live in negative emotions, we’re really addicted to certain emotions, and we’re not familiar with well-being in the long run. If joy and peace were sold, we would probably be afraid to buy them … we would be afraid because we don’t know what to do with them, we don’t know how to live with them.

As we realize for ourselves, fear is so pandemic in today’s society that it has become the predominant emotion in the world we live in. The fear is so widespread and takes so many forms that we need many pages to show its diversity. Fear is associated with our own survival, so it touches a sensitive chord in our mind.

Fear is healed by love. The healing process involves releasing fear and replacing it with love. People have not forgotten about love, they really want love, but they have too many worries, too much tension, too much fear, too much suffering, too much pain, fear of work, pressure from a business or raising a child, they talk and spend too much time in negative emotions, and they don’t have time for love anymore, and they do it unconscious every day. Many do not know what peace in the soul and in all that they are. We all have fears, small or large, some admit, others do not, relevant for everyone is how to act in favor of love and not fears. The good news is that love is inherent in each of us. Looking inside ourselves, we realize that we have only allowed the experience of love to be blocked by all sorts of fears. We rediscover the love within us freeing us from negativity. Simple, right? And what if from now on we do everything in our power and act in all that we do with love? And if you don’t know how, turn to outside help if you want your life to stop being full of fears and experiences that because you fear. Fear attracts fear. I could say that the external environment in society is not suitable to stop feeling fear; it even amplifies it and arouses in you a storm of fears, maybe even a war. The more fear we have in us, the more situations we will attract in our lives. With each fear, we need extra energy to create a protective mechanism against it, so that, in the end, all our energy will be drawn to large-scale defensive measures. Each of us has accumulated a certain amount of fear and it spreads in all aspects of our lives, marks our whole experience, darkens our joy of living and is reflected in the health of all our body organs. Over time, constant fear negatively affects our immune system. Although we know how harmful it is to our relationships, our health and our happiness, we continue to cling to this fear because it is associated with a whole set of survival strategies. In reality, fear is the greatest danger facing the human body. But love heals, and everything is easier in love, it happens by itself and we don’t have to do anything. Love is the essence, it is the quality of life, it expects nothing and does not ask for anything, it increases what is positive, it focuses on what is good in life. By releasing all the emotions and feelings that stand in the way of love, you will experience love. By releasing the negativity from you, peace and love come out and you begin to shine, you begin to feel the joy of living. The past and the future don’t matter anymore, they don’t mean anything anymore, and all that matters is NOW.

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