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From Pharmacists to Trainers

From Pharmacists to Trainers

Patient education through hundreds of specialists who provide advice in pharmacies in Romania.

From Pharmacists to Trainers

If a few years ago, the Pharmacist was seen only as a creator of new formulas and medicines, and the pharmacy was associated with the laboratory where medicines are prepared, things have changed radically lately.

In Romanian pharmacies, the advice offered by the Pharmacist has become more and more something usual, but also something necessary. 

We, Anca and Cristina, the founders of Pharma 2 Top for more than 2 years, are two pharmacists passionate about this profession and the development we can bring to pharmacy specialists, through continuous information, but based on implementation methods that bring real results .

The moment of transition from pharmacists to trainers for pharmacists was the one in which we realized that thousands of patients in Romania can be impacted by correct and efficient counseling in pharmacies.

Thus, after more than 10 years of experience as pharmacists, we created the first online training in Romania on patient counseling in pharmacy, in which we worked with over 600 pharmacists and pharmacy owners, followed by projects with independent pharmacies and a number of pharmaceutical companies.

Our mission has always been to make people aware that at the end of the loop disease – diagnosis – doctor – treatment, is the Pharmacist, waiting for you in the white coat every time you enter a pharmacy.

And unfortunately, in Romania, there are few people who know and understand the training behind the pharmacist, the 5 years of university studies, sometimes completed by other years of postgraduate studies.

Years in which the pharmacist studies lots of sciences, such as pharmacology, biochemistry, immunology, toxicology or phytotherapy.

We study, practically, the medicine, in all its stages, from the formulation to the effects produced in the body, but also a series of related notions, with benefits for the patient’s health, the prevention of some diseases and the success of the therapeutic act itself.

And our desire for change started with these things. Patients in Romania have the right to know that a well-trained pharmacist can help them to administer the treatment correctly, from all points of view, including the reporting of meals or the right time of day for administration.

A well-trained pharmacist can warn you about possible side effects of a medicine or the interactions that may occur between the treatment recommended by your doctor and supplements that you might have at home.

In addition, your pharmacist can give you advice on a healthy lifestyle and diet that can help you prevent or treat certain conditions.

But, most importantly, in pharmacies you can meet someone who, with empathy and patience, helps you when you encounter a difficulty or when you simply need someone to listen to you.

Therefore, our main goal with this project is to change the image of pharmacies in Romania, from the place where medicines are only sold, to the place where, when you are given a treatment, you receive all the help you need for the success of that treatment.

The place where, even if in front of you are other people with different problems, for which you have to wait, you do not lose your patience, because you know that in that place, your health is the main purpose for your pharmacist, who is there to offer you, selflessly, his help.

Because our greatest joy, as pharmacists, is the gratitude of the people who come back and look for us for the advice we offer. People who smile as soon as they walk through the pharmacy’s door and see us again, knowing that we will treat them as we would treat our parents or friends, with empathy, patience and dedication.

And we do this with passion for people and their well-being, for medicine and the science behind this noble profession, the profession of pharmacist.
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