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Health and beauty without borders

Health and beauty without borders

If health is the most precious thing we have and our attention is constantly directed towards it, the desire to be even more beautiful appears when we want to reach our best form. About these two aspects, about medical tourism and the “migration” of Romanians from state hospitals to private ones in Turkey, I spoke with Ensar Duman, the renowned medical advisor in the fields of health, aesthetics and beauty. 

Health and beauty without borders 

In the fields of health and aesthetics in Romania, the name Ensar Duman has a strong resonance. However, the profession you practice, that of a medical advisor, is less well known. What does it entail and how exactly do you help the Romanians? 

My role is to facilitate the access of patients, especially Romanians or Romanians settled abroad, to the best quality medical services in hospitals in Turkey. 

Basically, my team and I are the ones who make the connection between the patient, the doctor and the high-performing medical services in hospitals abroad. In a first step, patients contact us by phone, through our website, e-mail, or schedule a consultation at our clinic in Şoseaua Nordului no. 52. 

During a specialist consultation, which we offer free of charge, my team and I talk with the patient and analyze the medical history. Afterwards, whether it is a health problem or an aesthetic one, we identify the hospitals in Turkey where the patient’s problem would find its solution. The file with the presentation of the patient’s case is sent to 3-4 specialists, surgeons, Prof. Dr., mixed medical teams or just estheticians. 

After we receive the opinions of the specialists and analyze the free benefits offered by each hospital (free accommodation for the relative, transport included from the airport to the hospital, translator, controls  included), we return to the patient and together we decide what to do. In conclusion, we find the best specialist, with results in similar medical cases and the best hospitalization conditions, at the best price. 

Although you are not a doctor, your relations with the medical world in Turkey are extraordinary. You basically have access to all doctors. How did you manage to build this connection and thus help thousands of Romanians? 

I have dual citizenship, Turkish and Romanian. I was born in Turkey and have been practicing medical counseling for 15 years. Due to my profession, I come into contact with doctors, Professors Doctors and personalities from the medical world. For a decade and a half, people come to us with a health or aesthetic problem and we support them by helping them solve it. 

I am referring here to chronic or advanced diseases: oncological, renal, pulmonary, kidney/liver transplant, heart disease, fertility problems and, last but not least, metabolic, such as type 2 diabetes. 

Together with my team, we are with patients from the moment they come for their first medical consultation, at the Duman Clinic in Bucharest, throughout the hospitalization in the hospital in Turkey, until they return to the country and the end of the recovery period. 

Being available to patients all the time can be demanding. But when you do all these things out of love for people, aware that this is your purpose, each solved case fulfills and motivates you a lot. 

Tell us more about the free medical evaluations you carry out in Romania with invited doctors from Turkey. 

We organized the first free medical evaluations 9 years ago. At the beginning, they took place twice a year, most of them were intended for people who wanted to have cosmetic surgery. 

Over time, however, Romanians became even more interested in health and increasing the quality of life. And since many of them were facing metabolic (type 2 diabetes), vision, renal and especially oncological problems, we started to bring top specialists from Turkey to Bucharest for them. 

Organizing an event of this kind is very complex, from bringing the doctor to informing the interested patients. Free evaluation sessions usually last 2 days, during which the doctor analyzes and consults 50-60 people. That’s what happened last fall, during the type 2 diabetes evaluations at the Duman Clinic. The success was so great that we had to organize another session just 2 months away. 

The fact that patients have the opportunity to talk to doctors and get information from them helps them make decisions, schedule surgeries and heal. 

Do you consider that there is an increased interest among Romanians for physical appearance, for health? If a ranking were made of the most requested aesthetic surgeries, performed by Romanians, in Turkey, what would it look like? 

The interest of Romanians in everything that means the aesthetic side was and is in a continuous increase. Romanians emphasize the way they look and are aware that, nowadays, physical appearance helps us professionally and personally. 

After the pandemic period, we noticed a big increase, including among men, in the desire to improve their physical appearance. In terms of interest, the hair implant remains the most requested aesthetic procedure in men. Rhinoplasty, dental aesthetics, facelift and body surgery follow. 

Regarding women, the most requested aesthetic surgeries remains rhinoplasty, followed by: breast implant, liposuction, abdominoplasty, dental aesthetics, face lifting and anti-aging procedures. 

The Duman Clinic in Bucharest specializes in treatments for rapid hair growth and regeneration. What it is? On the clinic’s social media pages you present cases with absolutely extraordinary results. 

If we perform all our surgeries in the partner hospitals in Istanbul, in Romania, we perform everything related to maintenance and facial, body and hair treatments. And I will refer here to the 3 therapies for people who are facing hair loss problems: laser hair growth treatment, PRP and mesotherapy. 

Laser hair growth treatment was brought to our clinic 5 years ago. With its help, we have treated thousands and thousands of patients and solved cases of severe alopecia areata, in women and men. The treatment is revolutionary and has a 98-99% success rate. 

In particular, because we know how scared a child can be after an episode of hair loss, we decided to help the little one’s pro bono. 

Thus, at the Duman Clinic, children up to 14 years old benefit from free laser hair growth treatment. 

You are the first person who spoke, in Romania, about the diabetes surgery performed in Turkey. What does this entail and how many patients in the country have you helped to cure type 2 diabetes through this surgical method? 

The surgery has the medical name of ileal interposition surgery and is popularly referred to as “type 2 diabetes surgery “. This is a laparoscopic surgery, it intervenes at the level of the small intestine in the ileum area, responsible for insulin dysregulation. The surgery is performed only in the case of people with type 2 diabetes and involves the interposition of the ends of the intestine. 

In this way, a remission of the disease is achieved until healing, and the blood glucose level is reduced until it reaches normalization. Thus, the treatments (drugs or insulin) are eliminated and the patient’s diet will return to normal, with the recommendation to avoid excesses. 

The beginnings of the diabetes surgery in Romania were very difficult. We then hit a wall of denial. Out of 10 interested people, only one accepted the idea that medicine has evolved and type 2 diabetes is treated with surgery. It was a lot of work, only after 3-4 years of promotion, interviews, reports and video testimonies of already operated patients, the proportions changed. 

Today, out of 10 patients, 9 have heard of or know someone who has undergone ileal interposition surgery (type 2 diabetes surgery) and only one refuses to accept the idea of curing diabetes through the surgery. 

Of all the operations and surgeries performed by the Duman Clinic, this one brought us the greatest professional satisfaction. Of the more than 20,000 patients treated or operated on by us in hospitals in Turkey, almost half are operated on for type 2 diabetes. We are glad that we could help so many people to increase their life expectancy and quality and to be healthy! 

What categories of people have access to medical tourism packages? Do you think medical tourism will develop even more in the future?  

After the pandemic period, Romanians began to value health even more. People’s interest in them has increased, their attention to how they feel and how they look has changed. Personally, I noticed a big change. If in the past Romanians focused on branded clothes and accessories, today, they are interested in how they feel, how they look physically and how their life is. 

So yes, I truly believe that medical tourism will flourish. And not only here, but all over the world. When it comes to health and beauty, there are no boundaries. People have become accustomed to going to other countries for healing. 

The good part is that this competition will increase the quality of services, and hospitals will have to purchase medical equipment and expand their range of services. 

As for the categories of people accessing medical tourism packages today, the news is even better. Commercial banks have already come to meet people and give them personal loans with fair interest rates to solve health problems. In addition, lately, more and more people from the countryside, from Romania, arrive in Turkey with the help of their children or grandchildren. So people’s mindsets are changing. I foresee a flourishing period in medical tourism. 

What future plans do you have? Will you continue to develop the services you offer? 

Surely! In the medical field, things are constantly evolving and we all have to keep up with everything that is new. 

Our plans include purchasing new machines from Turkey and England. We are developing our body, facial and hair growth treatment departments at the Duman Clinic in Bucharest. We also continue to work on an older dream of ours, building a hospital. We hope that one day our surgeries will be performed here in the country by top doctors brought in from Turkey. 

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