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Huge success of AESTHETIC CONGRESSES after pandemic year of 2020

Huge success of AESTHETIC CONGRESSES after pandemic year of 2020

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Huge success of AESTHETIC CONGRESSES: Monaco and Wienn, first on the list

In its 19th edition, AMWC is proud to be the world¢s leading conference on Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine. Under the scientific supervision of the Aesthetic Multispeciality Society (AMS), AMWC features every year a highly interactive, stimulating and multidisciplinary program, tailored to entice the exchange of ideas, educate and renew knowledge, share expertise, discuss experiences and facilitate networking opportunities.

Every year, this highly awaited event attracts over 12,000 participants coming from more than 120 countries in Monaco. Following the success of AMWC Global – The Virtual Edition 2020, the AMWC 2021 had a hybrid format, offering the participants the choice to attend the conference physically while enjoying new digital features or to opt for the broadcasted format if someone preferred to attend virtually.

More than 300 leading international companies presented their products and workshops on the exhibition area, over 300 presentations in 55 scientific sessions conducted in English, French and Russian. The participants also gain up to 21 Continuing Medical Education Credits.

 Huge success of AESTHETIC CONGRESSES after pandemic year of 2020

After AMWC 2021 from Monaco, industry of aesthetics had gathered in Wienn. The World Congress took place on September 11-13. The program of ISAPS 2021 covered all areas of aesthetic plastic surgery. And for the first time ever, this year¢s program had combined the World Congress with the SOS Symposium for a one-of-a-kind event.

The scientific program of the World Congress featured lectures and discussions on the last techniques in facial rejuvenation, sessions on non and minimally invasive procedures and regenerative medicine, and covered all aspects of breast and body contouring. The second part of the program included exclusively salvage procedures after failed aesthetic surgery and covered the breast, facial, body, and nose regions.

Such importants events are appreciated by all those who work in this field and, from year to year, their value increases, and the number of participants is also increasing. The information gained from participating in such professional events is obvious. 

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