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Interview with Dr. Florin Juravle, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist

Interview with Dr. Florin Juravle, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist

Interview with Dr. Florin Juravle

Your clinic is constantly maintained at a high level of image and activity. How much does marketing matter for medical activity? Do you have time to deal with these issues as well?

We live in a period in which marketing, in various forms, is present in any activity, even the medical one. Often even public health services use certain forms of marketing, so it is normal that in the private sector it is even more present. Of course, I think they need to be doubled by a proven level of professional competence. No, I do not personally deal with these issues.

There are more discussion that aesthetic medicine is booming. What is the most requested procedure in your cabinet?

The trends are those that are found all over the world, we are no exception: further aesthetic procedures are required on the breasts, on the face – from injectable treatments to Aptos hair lift and then, the most complex procedure – the liftig Deep Plane facial and neck surgery is also in the top of the demands.

Do you have any memories from the operating room or with a specific patient who marked you?

I spend a lot of time in the operating room, and in order to maintain a high level of concentration, the information is delimited and my focus remains strictly on the medical side. Patients are not approached differently, they follow the same protocol, the same procedures and they certainly benefit from the same involvement from me and my team.

What is your opinion about the transfer of Romanian patients to Turkish doctors? What are the pros and cons of such a trend?

We live in a world where movement is free and we can access services anywhere, including medical services, not just in Turkey, anywhere in the world. At least for the area of medicine and cosmetic surgery I could not say that it is a trend, in my practice I do not meet many patients who have resorted to such medical services in Turkey.

The choice belongs to the patient and it is good to take into account the experience and expertise of the doctor, the place where the operation takes place and how the postoperative period is managed and any complications that may occur.

Can you tell us about your specializations and what you really enjoy doing most in the cabinet?

My specialization, expertise and experience cover the whole range of aesthetic procedures, from those aimed at the breasts, to the aesthetics of the face or body. Everything I do, I do with pleasure, otherwise it would not be fair to my patients to do.

In terms of complexity, if I had to mention an aesthetic operation, it would be Extended Deep Plane Face & Necklift. It is a special type of facial and neck lift, which involves extremely complex procedures with interventions and repositioning of deep tissues, without excessively straining the skin or facial muscles. At this time it is considered the most advanced type of facelift, the result being a substantial facial rejuvenation with a natural look and not tense, and especially durable.

Interview with Dr. Florin Juravle

What does an ordinary day in the life of Dr. Florin Juravle look like?

The surgeon is an absolutely normal person 🙂 with the mention that an ordinary day can suddenly become “less ordinary”.

As you know, any surgery has a dose of unpredictability.

It happens that things turn out differently from how you planned them, not necessarily bad, but different; which forces you to change the whole program of that day.

Sometimes it is not very simple because it can involve other people’s schedule, as happens in cases where the consultation schedule has to be postponed, or canceled for example.

But each person, profession / profession has its specifics, the surgeon is no exception.

Where can those interested in becoming your patients can find you?

At the STATERA Clinic (

What thoughts do you have for our readers?

I wish them a summer with beautiful holidays, and when it comes to aesthetics I advise them not to follow trends, they come and go, and when they pass the corrections are very difficult, or impossible to make. It is important to remain in an aesthetic harmony, a state of well-being and self-confidence.

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