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Jewelry, an essential part of the beauty routine

Jewelry, an essential part of the beauty routine

We love jewelry. And one thing is clear: they are never enough. Some of them carry deep meanings, while others add charm and elegance to the outfits. They are indispensable to us. And we say that without exaggerating.

Each piece of jewelry comes with a story. Surely you have a necklace in your jewelry box that you cherish because it was given to you by a loved one. It awakens the most diverse memories and emotions. It’s the thing you would take with you even to the other side of the world. Not for its material value, but for its sentimental value. Which is invaluable. Also, the engagement ring is a jewel, which in addition to the fact that the throne reigns on our ring, comes with a declaration of love. It comes with that feeling for which we are able to move the mountains. It comes with that feeling that spreads the warmth and gentleness of love over our hearts. On the other hand, the wedding ring is the jewel that becomes part of us. We wear it, look at it and realize that life has blessed us with love. And with a marriage in which we evolve. We are learning. And we love.

Jewelry comes with emotion. How many times have your eyes shone at the sight of a wonderful piece of jewelry? To feel the beauty of the jewel to the depths of the soul and not to be able to take it out of there. Well, this is the time when you realize that your life would be poorer without it. Or at least that’s how you feel. You want the jewel to be yours, you imagine wearing it and finally, it reaches you. Take a deep breath because your wish has come true. What we meant by this example is that the described emotion tickles our soul. And we really like it.

Jewelry gives confidence. In us. In our strength. Jewelry comes with a confidence boost that is hard to describe in words. Because they impose a certain attitude. That attitude that makes walking easy seem like a real parade.

Jewelry requires respect. A quality jewel, which bears the caress of precious stones, offers a certain status. It requires respect. And high standards.

Jewelry makes beauty even more beautiful. What do you mean? We suggest we try something. Take the most beautiful necklace out of the jewelry box. Put it around your neck and look in the mirror. What was beautiful before is now superlative. The neck area is accentuated in a delicate way, amplifying personal grace and charm. It outlines an image that you never get tired of looking at, does it?

Jewelry is indispensable in the beauty routine. We do not think to an outfit without jewelry that gives it refinement. You know very well that a perfectly chosen piece of jewelry has the power to change the whole image. Rely on jewelry that benefits you and choose them according to your skin tone, eye color, hair color, and your appearances will always look back. Also, fine, quality pieces with diamonds are versatile and allow you more freedom in making and accessorizing outfits.

Jewelry marks important events in life. Let’s take them one at a time. At the baptism of a child, it is customary to offer the girl a gold earring and a gold bracelet for the boy. The engagement is crowned by the diamond ring, and the marriage, by the wedding rings that symbolize infinity. Adulthood or graduation are other important moments that need to be marked as they should be. We put strong feelings in them, and their emotional value increases over time. Some of them are family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation.

Where do you buy your jewelry?

Valmand is a sure source of beauty and quality, which provides you with a rich collection of jewelry, which impresses with its elegance and refinement.

Why Valmand?

● Make any type of jewelry from white gold, yellow gold, pink gold or platinum.

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● The precious stones used at Valmand enjoy a perfect symmetry and an impeccable polish.

●Valmand offers customers exceptional jewelry and complete experiences.

Stop for a moment and admire the jewelry from the Valmand collection. Then choose the jewel that tells your story!

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