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Launching of Aesthetic & Antiaging Magazine, a successful event and guests to match

Launching of Aesthetic & Antiaging Magazine, a successful event and guests to match

Lansarea publicației Aesthetic & Antiaging Magazine

On August 11, a memorable event took place for the aesthetic industry in Romania: Aesthetic & Antiaging Magazine was launched, a publication that aims to be a correct and complete information resource on the aesthetic medicine industry in the current national and international context.

Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine is a niche magazine, for recommendations, presentations in the field of aesthetic medicine, but also for lifestyle. Although it has a predominantly medical content, it is addressed primarily to readers interested in aesthetic medicine, beauty and lifestyle, those who have understood that the image matters and that the expression give time to the time must actually be going back in time does not need a time machine, but a good doctor.

‘The magazine is dedicated to those who have visited the esthetician, at least once, or to those who intend to initiate visits to the esthetician, being a publication that arranges information about the passage of time, but shows how to plan steps towards a harmonized beauty, towards balanced changes and an anti-aging program as correct as possible.

The pages of the magazine contain all the medical events of plastic surgery, dermatology and other major events in the aesthetic industry, organized by sections. The uniqueness of the journal is due to the combination of presentation articles, analysis, case studies, intervention models, and transformations, direct dialogues with medical staff, recommendations and events. A complete puzzle for those who assume a lifestyle in full harmony with the evolutionary and continuous aesthetics. The format of the journal is like an efficient search engine that allows quick access to classified information by specialties, cities, offices, clinics, procedures, surgeries or minimally invasive‘, said Mihnea Popescu-Grisogono, one of the founders of Aesthetic & Antiaging Magazine.

The launch event of the magazine took place in a dream location, considered to be one of the most luxurious event spaces, newly aestheticized, to be in theme with the magazine – Ambasad‘or Versailles.

The new concept, just like the industry we represent, has redefined the Embassy, with an addition of decorative elements, a unique and pleasing approach to the eye, all repositioned at a superlative level, just like a flourishing patient after a new aesthetic intervention.

The guests were mainly from the aesthetic medicine industry, doctors with experience in the field or the new wave of plastic surgeons, old patients or public figures interested in everything that means the beauty industry, with or without scalpel or injection.

The guests were able to enjoy the fashion show, the perfect music of the saxophonist Doina Spătaru, the spectacular moment staged by Emilia Mușală. Towards the end, on a magnificent firework, Ștefania Calofir & the band Calofir maintained the atmosphere in the delight of those present. The event was held by Bianca Iordache, TV presenter.

A special moment of the evening was the one offered by the Legacy Med clinic, which, through Simona Chițac, the owner of this clinic, organized a contest, whose happy winner got the possibility to perform a free breast lift with / or without silicone implant , worth 5,000 euros. The moment was a culmination of the 1-year activity of the medical clinic, on which occasion we also sent them our publication Happy Birthday and many achievements.

The first issue of the magazine presented materials and interviews with big names in the aesthetic medical industry: Dr. Oana Manciu, M Skin clinic, Simona Chițac, Legacy Med clinic, Dr. Pascal Dameh, Dr. Moti Yair Levy, Dr. Lucian Alecu, Dr. Mostafa Ismail, Dr. Elena Alecu, Aesthetic Dental Care clinic, but also interviews with the new wave of plastic surgeons who are taking place on the main stage of medical aesthetics: Dr. Alexandru Păun, Dr. Fabian Gurău and Dr. Oana Sciboz Grobnicu. In addition to these, the first issue included interesting lifestyle materials and interviews with designer and man Cătălin Botezatu, with Adrian Sasu, manager of Alezzi Yacht. The journal could not be closed without the opinions in the fields that complete and complete the functioning of the aesthetic medicine area, including materials about patients’ rights in Romanian legislation, through lawyer Corina Ciobanu, or psychological aspects of the field, through psychologist Dr. Leli and therapist Elena Popescu-Grisogono. Readers of the debut issue were also able to find out about the latest technologies brought through the ItalTrade provider, but also multiple possibilities for financing aesthetic medical procedures, through the TBI Pay financial group.

We thank the readers of the magazine and we hope that your interest will always be supported by special, current and innovative materials in the field of aesthetic medicine.

You can also find us on the Instagram of the publication Aesthetic_antiaging_magazine, but also on the website

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