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Unquestionable results from laser hair therapy

Laser hair growth treatment is a revolutionary therapy in stopping hair loss and accelerating its natural growth process. It is recommended for both men and women who lose their hair for various reasons. More and more people are starting to lose their hair around the age of 30 and develop atypical alopecia.

Legacy Med Clinic has solutions for people who face such problems and it all starts with a clear diagnosis of the scalp and the problems that caused the hair loss, the causes can be multiple. A session lasts between 20-30 minutes and they must be repeated twice a week. The minimum number of meetings for indisputable results is 24, during 3 months. For those who want to stabilize the results obtained, the meetings can be extended for 6 months.

It is important to examine with a video camera that detects how many hairs a root produces. Ideally, each root should produce 5 hairs, but most people who start laser treatment at Legacy Med Clinic find that their roots develop a maximum of 2-3 strands.

The procedure has no side effects

How does the laser actually work for hair treatment? The first step is to eliminate the physical and chemical factors that act on the hair root, reduce the inflammation around the root and stimulate the tissues to produce new, thicker, darker hair. That’s why new grown hair will be darker in color. Laser exposure can be alternated with PRP or scalp sessions in the scalp. There are also special solutions for the scalp, shampoos, but also pills that can help a lot for the treatment to be one with indisputable results.

The major advantage of laser therapy is that there is absolutely no side effect, on the contrary. Women who already have mounted extensions can do this treatment without problems, the laser light penetrating through the extensions, without affecting the effect. There are no discomforts, the 160 diodes have cold light. The treatment is non-invasive, no anesthesia is applied, no incisions are made.

The treatment is recommended to:

● women or men who lose their hair adornment

● those who have already had a hair implant

● women who already wear extensions, the laser does not affect the success of the result.

The entire treatment is monitored with a video camera for the scalp and roots, so the patient will always know what stage the results are in.We have patients who see results even after 6 sessions only, which makes them enthusiastic and ready to continue the treatment according to our instructions. Generally, those who delay or move their second or third session are patients who are not prepared to carry out the rigors of such treatment. Because it is advisable not to skip the stages and not to leave a long time between sessions, if you want to see results”, said Simona Chițac, manager of the Legacy Med clinic.