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Top trend: Sweat treatment and fat melting injections


Minimally invasive procedures continue to be highly sought after during the summer. If surgery slows down in the summer season due to high temperatures, which make recovery after difficult surgery, injections and small beauty procedures continue to be the favorites of ladies who want to look better.

We are talking to Simona Chițac, founder and manager of the Legacy Med clinic, who tells us about current trends in minimally invasive medicine.

What are the most required minimally invasive procedures during the summer?

All minimally invasive procedures are required throughout the year, but there is indeed a range of interventions that can be considered seasonal. The most sought after in the summer months, remains the treatment against excessive sweating. It is a very easy procedure; it is performed with botox, lasts 20-30 minutes and has no side effects. Botulinum toxin injection directly on the area where we want to reduce sweating is done without anesthesia, the needle is very fine and the patient does not feel any discomfort.

Do women do this procedure?

Hyperhidrosis occurs in both men and women. In men, it is located mainly in the armpit and soles; in women it can be located in the palms, armpits. There are many male patients who come to the office and tell us: I have many events this summer and it always looks unsightly on my shirt when I sweat. Or at the office, during a meeting. What can we do?

Is this problem finally solved?

There is no definitive solution. The result of such a procedure can take between 4 and 6 months, depending on the lifestyle. If the person enjoys hot showers, sauna, sunbathing, intense sports, then the effect of the procedure is reduced. However, people get rid of that problem even for a while, and that makes them come back all the time, satisfied.

What is the price of such a treatment?

Depends. It mainly varies from clinic to clinic, from doctor to doctor. But the average is 500 euros. We have a promotion now and the treatment of hyperhidrosis costs in Legacy Med offices only 399 eur.

What other procedures do ladies do in the summer?

Many patients prepare for leave and perform body procedures. The period of swimsuits follows and they realize that here and there they have fat deposits that they failed to get rid of. And so it resorts to injectable procedures for melting fat.


So are there weight loss injections?

There are no injections to lose weight. There are certain substances that once injected into the layers of fat, dissolve it. But this must also be done in advance, before the holidays, because it happens that the fat does not disappear all in one session and then repetitiveness is needed. If the fat is new, as we call it and the layer of fat is superficial, then we manage to eliminate it in one sitting. Most of the time, patients repeat the procedure in 2 or 3 sessions and in certain areas of the body. The area becomes inflamed for a while, it turns red, that part can become even a little hard, but in the end the result is satisfactory enough that these aspects no longer matter.

At what interval can these sessions be held?

The recommendation of the doctors from our clinic is that the lipolysis session should be done every 3-4 weeks. However, each patient has a completely separate and personalized medical plan, made together with the medical consultant. There are other situations in which the patient may also have cellulite. Then you have to inject a completely different substance that helps a lot to reduce the cellulite layer.

Are there any contraindications to cellulite removal sessions?

Mainly sun exposure is the first contraindication. But, as I said above, every patient is different and the instructions are given separately.

How should the skin be prepared in summer?

There are many procedures for the skin, sun protection and hydration are extremely important. We generally repair the skin in beauty clinics in the fall, after the holidays. Sun exposure triggers pigment spots and then we start the real fight. Also after the holidays, it is advisable to redo the botox procedures against wrinkles. But we will talk about these at the end of summer, when we can detail the top trend of autumn 2022 in minimally invasive procedures.