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Legacy Med supports the modernization of hospitals in Romania

Legacy Med supports the modernization of hospitals in Romania

The aesthetic medicine clinic joined the Metropolis Foundation campaign

Spitale Publice din Bani Privați

Legacy Med supports the modernization of hospitals in Romania

Established in 2020 out of the desire to innovate aesthetic medicine in Romania, the Legacy Med clinic continues its mission and joins the initiative of the Metropolis foundation #SpitalePubliceDinBaniPrivați.

“When we launched Legacy Med, we set out that every patient who crosses our threshold would be treated exactly the way I would like to be treated, from the welcome to the quality of the services and products used. The thanks of our patients and the respect of our colleagues who warmly welcomed us in this field of activity are the most important satisfactions” – told Simona Chițac, founder of the Legacy Med clinic.

From the very beginning, we wanted to change the standards of aesthetic medicine in Romania and reposition the field from the list of prejudices and exclusivities to that of necessary and natural services. The Legacy Med clinic relied on naturalness, beauty, but above all on the safety and health of the patients who cross our threshold. And the safety of the patient must be present not only when he chooses aesthetic interventions, but also when he arrives at any medical facility.

We all know how difficult it is to go to a government hospital which is facing shortages. We know what it’s like to stand in lines, to have to bring basic things from home, how it is when the doctors shrug their shoulders, because they have nothing to help you with.

Because we all deserve to enjoy medical services at the highest standards, the management of the Legacy Med clinic has decided to support the cause of #SpitalePubliceDinBaniPrivati and offer 5% of the proceeds. We all want those who need help to be able to receive it, without having to hear lines like: “we don’t have funds”, “sorry, but these are the conditions”, “you have to bring things from home ”, especially when patients are facing major health problems and going through a difficult time.

How did the #SpitalePubliceDinBaniPrivati project come about?

The project “Public hospitals from private money” started from the desire to bring the hospitals in Romania to the latest standards, through projects of renovation, rehabilitation and equipping with modern equipment.

This action started as early as 2016, when Codin Maticiuc offered to support various medical causes, thus carrying on the legacy left by his parents, the founders of the Foundation. He arrives for the first time in Fundeni, where he meets several children with cancer, including Lăcrămioara, the girl from 702. Thus, the 4 annual visits during which he organized fun activities and brought gifts to the children, turns into a project to isolate the roof of the hospital in the summer of 2019.

In the summer of 2020, with emotions and with many unknowns, in memory of the girl from 702, as well as to create better conditions for children admitted to the hospital, Codin initiates the project Spitale Publice Din Bani Privați, starting the renovation of the 7th floor in Fundeni.

“We started the construction of the individual bathrooms in the salons and their complete renovation. We also want to renovate the offices, changing rooms and what else is on the ward, re-compartmentalizing the spaces to make room for lounges and thus recover the beds lost with the construction of the bathrooms.” – said Codin.

Legacy Med – What started the desire to join the initiative of the Metropolis Foundation?

“We are a medical clinic, and even if we exclusively offer interventions and services specific to aesthetic medicine, we understand, perhaps better than it might seem, the needs of the medical system. Especially when patient safety and health are paramount. And from here started our desire to get involved in the cause of public hospitals with private money. Part of the proceeds from the Legacy Med clinic will go to the Metropolis Foundation, which deals with the renovation of public hospitals. We want to help as much as possible, and together with our patients to support as much as possible a better public medical system, because we have very good doctors, involved people, who need different conditions to fulfill their profession. We do it for our parents, for our children, for all those who at some point will be able to say: the public health system is no longer sick” – declared Simona Chițac.