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Life is not a game of perfection

Life is not a game of perfection

Elena Popescu-Grisogono

by Elena Popescu-Grisogono

Theta Healing Therapist, Personal Development Trainer

Allow the quiet to tell you what life is about. Silence cannot be described in words, but I urge you to seek and listen to it.

Life is not a game of perfection

How is it in your soul? Allow the present moment to be in your life and feel the joy and love that you are. Behind the noise and agitation is silence, there is too much noise for nothing and you forgot to hear yourself, to observe yourself, to look for yourself among millions of thoughts and emotions that come and go. You no longer know who you are and what you want, you gather your strength to move forward. Yes, you leave everything behind by gently accepting past experiences, and you easily start to find yourself.

In the presence of peace, you find love, in the absence of words and thoughts you feel even more love, you discover a state. Love expresses itself in many ways. Usually people think of love as romantic love, but it is only a minor part of life. There are many kinds of love and they fill our daily experience, love as kindness, love as appreciation, love as admiration, love as enthusiasm, love as respect, love as friendship, love as loyalty, love as affection, love as appreciation . Fear occurs in the absence of love, and we feel vulnerable to pain, suffering, and we face them in the outside world which strengthens and justifies the already existing feelings.

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Giving love beyond any requirement, giving love free from any ties, expecting nothing in return, we give love without limit, without expectations. Love opens my heart, yours, the heart of others. The heart loves no matter the situation, it does not set conditions, only the mind does that. Love requires nothing.

Don’t look for answers, give up the feelings behind the question and you will find the answer in front of you. You don’t have to look for him. The mind looks in the wrong direction, only the heart knows. Try it … The emotional reward will be different. Our ability to love is far beyond what we have ever dreamed of. We travel any distance for love and do things we would never do, effortlessly, full of life.

When we give up all kinds of resistance and opposition to love, and the negative feelings that block love, then we will shine and radiate love. Love transforms our lives and is a way of being. A thought, an emotion, a negative state dissolves into love. And if we began to see ourselves through a “window” of love, we would begin to no longer judge ourselves, no longer blame ourselves, no longer victimize ourselves, we would only accept and love each other, understanding that we are “Limited” by our beliefs and experiences. Beyond the hustle and bustle of the world and our own minds is only silence.

Life is not a game of perfection

Elena Popescu Grisogono
Elena Popescu Grisogono

We rush into life and love, we do not understand that the heart has the power to love without conditions, to offer without limit.

What we hold in us colors our lives. When we can understand that no one and nothing can take away our inner beauty, love, joy of life, kindness and peace of mind, we will be ready to give up all fears in order to appreciate the gifts of life, and we can open our hearts that it gives us the courage and clarity to live our lives through our own values ​​and soul splendors. We feel emotional freedom and we can enjoy every moment of life without constraints, our soul will flourish and the warmth of the heart will be felt by those who let themselves be embraced and not only …

Life is short; laughs madly and love truly!

See you soon…