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Mesotherapy and Skin Tech chemical peels

Mesotherapy and Skin Tech chemical peels

Mesotherapy and Skin Tech chemical peels

Skin Tech Pharma Group has a portfolio of brands created with a single goal in mind, to turn all available resources and current science into skin treatments. Addressing today’s topic, we will present some of the most sought after mesotherapy and peeling products, created especially with care and attention, in our laboratories in Spain, by the best chemists and biologists that the world has today.


Mesotherapy products have been on the market for several years, but considering the development of molecular biology and the techniques that Skin Tech includes in research and development, we can talk about some new products that we are excited about.

RRS is a new and patented range for practitioners who want to work efficiently and safely with mesotherapy products. They are Class III medical devices, which bear the CE marking. RRS is an abbreviation and means: R-recovery, R-refilling, S-stimulation.

Complete range of injectables products

The entire range includes 3 families and 14 products that allow the doctor to choose the best option according to the patient’s needs, or even to combine treatments if needed.

Original formulas

The original RRS formulas, intended for shallow and deep injections, are based on the purest and most effective ingredients with synergistic effects on the skin: non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and / or organic silicon. They have an antioxidant role and reorganize the extracellular matrix. The concentration of high purity unstabilized hyaluronic acid can vary between 0.1-6.0 mg ml, depending on the treatment area and indications for use. Hyaluronic acid and organic silicon are associated in RRS products with various active ingredients. These ingredients can be: antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, polyphenols, trace elements, oligopeptides and growth factors, which help to: nourish and moisturize the skin, create a skin lifting effect, provide a whitening effect, stimulate hair growth, etc.

Variant indications

The RRS range is aimed at patients of both sexes and of any age, who want to change their physical appearance and who have problems associated with photo skin aging, hyperpigmentation, alopecia, cellulite, stretch marks and more.

Top 6 products

RRS HA Long Lasting is a unique product for photo-aging skin and its consequences that include skin elastosis, laxity and wrinkles, as well as pigmentation problems. The concentration of 21 mg / 3 ml of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid gives the product a high malleability and a unique contribution to tissue mechanics. Moreover, its creation process (UH Technology) makes it resistant to degradation and stress. It also contains 15 amino acids that protect hyaluronic acid from oxidation.

RRS HA Injectable is the gold standard in mesotherapy, which nourishes and stimulates skin regeneration. Contains 72 active ingredients and 6 mh / ml of unstabilized hyaluronic acid, recommended for fine wrinkles.

RRS HA Tensor Lift and RRS HA Eyes are specially designed for areas of the face that may look tired. They increase the elasticity of the skin and create a tightening effect, along with stimulating the skin’s microcirculation. It should be mentioned that RRS HA Eyes was awarded in 2014 as “ The best injectable product for the eye area” by the Polish Society of Aesthetic Dermatology.

RRS HA Cellutrix is the world’s first CE-marked product, specially designed to treat the appearance of cellulite.

XL Hair offers a successful treatment for different types and stages of hair loss. It contains 45 active ingredients and growth factors and does not contain minoxidil or 5-Alpha reductase inhibitors.

Combination of treatments

RRS products can be used for body and face and can be combined with non-surgical treatments such as botulinum toxin, peels, etc., as well as with other RRS products. They can also be used as complementary treatments in laser treatments, PDO wires or plastic surgery.


Skin Tech Pharma Group offers remarkable medical peeling formulas based on 25 years of practical experience, covering all possible depths, from superficial peeling (epidermal) to very deep peeling (reticular dermis), to treat fine lines, photoaging, skin problems in teenagers, acne scars, pigment problems, melasma, keratoses, stretch marks, etc.

Typically formulated with AHA and BHA, superficial peelings act on the basal layer and improve the slightly discolored appearance of the skin and can refresh the face, neck, chest or hands.

The star of this range is Lumpeel Cosmo, a peeling that prevents and treats hyperpigmentation, smoothes the skin surface and can be used by all patients, regardless of skin type.

Medium peelings removes the skin cells that make up the epidermis, as well as parts of the middle layer of the skin. A medium chemical peel can treat the consequences of photo-aging, pigmentation disorders, acne and post-acne scars, etc.

Happy Intim Peel photo treats aging and its consequences in the intimate area, such as anogenital pigmentation problems and sagging skin.

Phenol peelings  are the deepest type of chemical peelings. These peelings act on the reticular dermis or on the papillary-reticular dermis interface and are used to treat deep wrinkles, scars and permanent photo-aging lesions.

Easy Phen Light contains 30% Phenol, 12% TCA and 0.5% croton oil and treats photo-aging skin, keratosis and pre-malignant lesions. It is indicated for skin phototypes 1-4 and it takes 6-10 days to recover after treatment.

The expertise of Skin Tech Pharma Group aims to create innovative formulas for all skin conditions and educate medical professionals to perfect their treatment techniques. The group will continue to expand around the world and support a compliant and state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution practice.

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