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My experience at the 24th IMCAS Paris

My experience at the 24th IMCAS Paris

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My experience at the 24th IMCAS Paris

Dr. Adelina Popa – Dermatologist

IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science) is one of the most famous international conferences that brings together the latest news in the field of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and the Science of Aging. The event showcases evidence-based science rather than eminence-based guidelines.

The 24th edition of the IMCAS congress was held in Paris and, as always, presented the latest and most innovative techniques and procedures based on studies and evidence. The event’s speakers, renowned specialists, discussed the latest technologies. An excellent reason for doctors to learn, improve and at the same time to exchange data from personal and professional experience.

I joined with great enthusiasm one of the best scientific congresses, with the aim of learning and being up to date with the latest techniques both in terms of surgical procedures (breast implants, rhinoplasty, liposuction, lipofilling, etc.) as well as minimally invasive treatments (fillers, botulinum toxins, lasers, body remodeling, threads, cosmeceuticals, peelings, regenerative medicine, etc.).

After the 3 days full of scientific activity but also studying the latest products and technologies, we brought the latest expertise and technology back home, to Legacy Med clinic, for 2023, through the extensive IMCAS learning program, gathering the latest research and course materials accredited in dermatology, plastic surgery and the science of aging.

Featuring updated module formats and new and exciting topics, we have explored all the necessary and emerging topics that are refining today’s medical and surgical aesthetic treatment. I learned to think about each case individually and implement the innovative technique, like a real expert through the Live Anatomy Workshop on the Cadaver and with the help of the IMCAS non-invasive treatment courses. In addition, I did not miss the extensive pathological sessions of clinical dermatology, as well as courses on practice management, patient ethics, hair restoration, treatments that include new technologies of regenerative medicine, dermato-cosmetics, skin ultrasound and more. So, I started the new year among the best educators and innovators in medical aesthetics.

The whole experience was a memorable one, which is why I want to share with you the top 3 innovative procedures, that are already introduced in the protocols of Legacy Med clinic. 

My experience at the 24th IMCAS Paris

Dr. Adelina Popa – Dermatologist

1. Treatment of post-acne scars: Fast and Furious

The most famous dermatologists brought to the session dedicated to post-acne scars the results of the studies they carried out in their clinics. These results highlighted that the best approach is represented by the combination of procedures in the same session: subcisions combined with hydroxyapatite or polylactic acid (biostimulating effect) together with microneedling; also a demonstrated benefit was the targeted addition, at the level of atrophic scars, of trichloracetic acid 70-100% (TCA).

Another important piece of information that has changed the guidelines for the treatment of moderate-to-severe post-acne scars in patients who still develop acne lesions is that these procedures can also be performed concurrently with oral isotretinoin treatment.

Thus, the different combination is necessary, depending on the particularity of the case, but these scars must be treated Fast (even during oral isotretinoin treatment) and Furious (several techniques in the same session).

2. Addressing androgenetic alopecia in both men and women

As we know, androgenetic alopecia affects a good part of the population, but how can we intervene in this process?

Well, there are many options: topical applications of vasodilators or synthetic antiandrogens, minimally invasive procedures with microneedling, mesotherapy using different combinations and PRP, systemic treatment with vitamins and amino acids, or with synthetic antiandrogens (severe effects of decreasing libido and of fertility) and of course in the last instance the hair implant.

The studies presented in the session dedicated to alopecias showed remarkable results in the addition of oral minoxidil (vasodilator) in low doses. Adverse effects are rare at this dose, but if dose escalation is needed, most frequently in men, the patient’s follow-up protocol has been established. Unfortunately, at the moment, in our country this substance is only found in topical products, but we are waiting for its introduction in pharmacies as an oral treatment.

3. Rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid: a popular but also dangerous procedure when it comes to complications

Different studies performed with the help of ultrasonography and dissection on cadavers have shown that there can be multiple anatomical variations, regarding the nasal vasculature.

Therefore, the IMCAS speakers, following thorough studies, have formulated the safest injection protocols so that anatomical variations can be avoided during injection.

The most valuable indications included the method of injection: the use of the atraumatic cannula in 2 insertion points together with the injection of small amounts of hyaluronic acid and the combination of threads can provide both a spectacular result and a safe way to perform the minimal correction procedure invasive of the nose.