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Nicușor Stan

Nicușor Stan

A healthy life at the head of an empire

Nicușor Stan

Is it possible to mantain a healthy lifestyle while leading an empire?

This is the first question we will ask Mr. Nicusor Stan, the man who over the years has changed his career and field of activity. If in the past years he worked as a lawyer, he is currently innovating in the HoReCa field and leading the Ambasd’Or Versailles Events Center. As secondary activities, Mr. Stan also deals with real estate, owning Ambasad’Or Home, as well as the most exclusive children’s event center, Ambasad’Or Play.

With such a professionally active life, does the businessman still have time to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

It is true that my life is going at a fast pace, to be able to face the challenges that appear at every step in the fields in which I work, and to be able to control the business that I manage. However, I reserve time for myself so that I can stay in shape all the time. If I were to describe my usual routine, my day starts somewhere at 10:00 am, I have breakfast (which is quite consistent, considering that it is my only scheduled meal), followed by phone sessions, meetings, conferences. I usually miss lunch or eat something on the run. Afterwards, I get home and start my gym training. I have a personal trainer who has adapted to my schedule and comes to train me every night. A protein-rich dinner follows, and the next day I start over. It’s not a very healthy schedule, but I try my best to be careful about my diet. During this period, I included more fruits and supplements in my diet to support my immunity and energy levels.

We would like to know how your life has changed in terms of a healthy lifestyle since you started working at Ambasad’Or Events?

It is hard for me to remember, since we’ve been on the market for thirteen years now. My involvement is quite high, I always work with the team I lead. Ambasad’Or is, for me and for the people I work with, a home most of the time. We are like a family. I work with professionals, people I have trained to be strong and prepared all the time, to take an example from me. Life with Ambasad’Or is extraordinary, but also very demanding. However, it seems to me that this is the best thing for me. The experience I have now is worth a few sacrifices, sometimes even regarding my health. Although health is a priority for me, it often happens to me to skip meals or sleep hours.

Active life at the office vs sport?

In terms of sports, I’m on schedule. As I mentioned before, after a long day of meetings and conferences, I get home and I have a few hours during which I release my mind and train my body. If you ask me which one is more demanding, I honestly wouldn’t know the answer. All I can say is that I enjoy both. On one hand, the meetings with my employees are beneficial, because I always like to be one step ahead. I think that’s why Ambasad’Or is so successful. You know how it is in business, novelty lasts very little. That’s why I always have to be well prepared and innovate. Ambasad’Or is an events center designed to host any type of event: wedding, christening, anniversaries, corporate meetings and others. To manage all of them at the highest standards, a good project is needed. We scouted the best professionals on this market, with whom we managed to achieve great results. I will take advantage of this occasion to present my thanks to them. Sport itself is also a pleasure, considering that it helps me stay in shape, so that I can complete all the projects that I want.

Nicușor Stan – A healthy life at the head of an empire

Considering that you are a public figure and that you are in contact with this world where all these new concepts about health and life coaching are promoted, we would like you to tell us a few words. What do you think about these?

Yes, I have heard about these concepts recently. I am impartial. Everyone organizes their life the way they want and chooses to believe in what inspires them the most, everyone is free to do whatever he wants. But if you ask me, Nicusor Stan, how I feel about these things, I can say that I am somehow in a neutral zone. I am a man who has accomplished some important things in life without support, without a life coach. Whatever I wanted to do, I did. It is important in life to solve problems, not to complain about them. I think this is the starting point. There are two categories of people: those who do it and those who complain about it. I think it is obvious which category needs guidance and experts to tell them how life should be lived. I do not judge anyone for anything, I am just referring to myself. I am not saying I have not had any problems, they are everywhere. The important matter is how you take a situation and whether you manage to turn it in your favor or not. You have to be strong in life in order to be able to earn. That’s what I teach my children and my employees. Being modest, I can say that I am a good example in terms of life accomplishments. I acquired them all because of my strong character.

How do you think your life would have been (from the health point of view) if you were not a businessman today?

I think my life would have been the same, also at a fast pace, with a lot of work, because that’s what I like to do. I’m not a man who likes to stand still for too long. I’m always looking for inovation, and I’m completely dedicated when it comes to projects. Whether I would have been a business owner or an employee, my life would have been mostly the same. Although I doubt I could have remained just an employee. As I mentioned earlier, I am a man dedicated to his plans. If I were not to work in this field, I certainly would have had another business. I am leader by nature, that’s how I’m made. I like what I do, so I don’t ever feel tired or strained.

And one last question Mr. Stan – are you happy?

This is really a difficult question. It depends. What does happiness mean? It means a lot to me. From a personal to a professional perspective, there are many things that make me happy. Professionally, happiness for me is when an event goes well and the cheerful clients come to meet me aftereards to thank me and shake my hand. Happiness is when I see that Ambasad’Or is on top of people’s preferences, and when others appreciate my work. I feel proud of what I do. Personally speaking, happiness is when I spend time with my family, without thinking about the next work day. In general, yes, l am a happy man.

This is the interview the businessman Nicusor Stan gave to us. Known in the business world especially for the events center he owns, namely Ambasad’Or Versailles, located in Otopeni, Drumul Odaii  Street 34-36. The center consists of four spectacular halls decorated with Roco floral elements, in combination with 18th-century Baroque-style architecture. According to statistics, this year Ambasad’Or was on top of the preferences of young people who want to organize their wedding, and also on top of the preferences for the organizers of social events. This summer, Ambasad’Or hosted the most important fashion event of the year, Bucharest Fashion Week, where models ran the catwalk wearing the latest collections of romanian and international designers. But this was not the only recent celebrity event, there were many other magazine launches and galas. It seems that everything is going smoothly, thanks to the man who is in charge of this business, Nicusor Stan.

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