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Premature aging

Premature aging

Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Premature aging

By Fabian Gurău MD Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

One of the biggest fears of women is aging, especially since some women age prematurely. Premature aging occurs when the biological age is older than the chronological age.

However, there are so many factors that can influence biological aging, starting with genetics, childhood feelings, the lifestyle we have adopted, lost nights, alcohol, pollution, smoking, etc.

The skin is made up of three layers, the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the outer part of the skin, on the surface of which is a layer of epithelial cells, with a protective role, which is renewed by continuous exfoliation and replacement with new cells. As we age, its regenerative power decreases. If it takes about 28 days for young girls to regenerate, it can take up to 60 days for women over the age of 40.

Fine lines, wrinkles, gray hair are the first signs that indicate the beginning of aging. But, we forget that some fine lines of expressiveness appear from an early age because we had a more expressive facial expression, because we were excessively exposed to the sun, lack of hydration and many other aspects.

It is said “among the people” that it is a certain age at which we should resort to cosmetic surgery or cosmetic treatments to improve our appearance, but I believe that there is no certain age for this, on the contrary, it should be taken from ” hurry ”in order not to reach deeper interventions.

As with any treatment, it should be considered at a younger age, when the first signs of aging really appear. We do not have to wait for the wrinkles to reach a certain depth, for the pores to be dilated more and more, for the dark circles to become deeper and deeper.

But let us not fall on the other side, in believing that any small line of expressiveness is a sign of aging, it is a very fine threshold, which can be easily crossed. Here we should intervene, the surgeons to whom the girls / boys resort in making various interventions to improve their physical appearance.

Premature aging

It is very important to learn to accept ourselves as we are and to accept the fine lines of expressiveness that ultimately differentiate us from the crowd and bring us uniqueness in the feelings we have every day.

In addition to the hygiene we should have on a daily basis, and creams that can help in general, there are so many non-invasive anti-aging treatments that do not require anesthesia or surgery, that can prevent and even slow down the aging of the skin in the long run.

The first signs of aging in cells appear at the age of 25, and these are accentuated as we age, so most care products that aim at anti-wrinkle effects are recommended to be used from the appearance of the first signs of aging. .

It is important for both women and men to feel good, regardless of their age, so we should not wait until we reach 40-50 before starting anti-aging treatments.

What treatments do I recommend to ladies / gentlemen suffering from premature aging, apart from the treatments with creams that are an adjunct to help with this aspect:

Chemical peeling: In this procedure, chemical agents are used to help remove dead cells, pigment spots and fine wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and regenerate skin cells. The skin will definitely look younger and brighter.

Hyaluronic acid treatment: our skin contains hyaluronic acid anyway, so I consider it one of the best treatments to fade the aged appearance of the skin. It is not only used to enlarge the lips, it can also be used to fill the cheekbones that shrink with age, to reduce dark circles, to rehydrate the skin and to contour the face where necessary. Only after a single session is the face rejuvenated by a few years, and this can last for many months, if we hydrate properly and take care of our skin.

Botox treatment: it is an ally in anti-aging treatment, wrinkles are reduced, sometimes disappearing completely, being a perfect alternative to avoid cosmetic surgery. The skin will certainly look much younger and more radiant.

PRP (Platech-rich Plasma) or “Platelet Rich Plasma” treatment: This treatment is also known as “vampire therapy” which helps to revitalize skin tissues, which can be used for both face and neck, décolleté and hands. This treatment is 100% natural, it helps to rejuvenate the skin naturally. Platelet-rich plasma stimulates the formation of new cells in the body when injected. Being natural, it helps the body to heal itself without the need to use chemicals. The possibility of allergic reactions or infections is almost nil, because the plasma used is from the patients’ own blood.

In addition to the treatments we have recommended, I always tell patients to take care of their skin, to have proper hygiene (we do not go to bed without cleaning our eyeshadow), we do not expose ourselves excessively to the sun, we use creams with strong sunscreen on our skin every day, we hydrate ourselves properly, and the other vices, we will do them in moderation. All this to prolong the beneficial effects of anti-aging treatments.

We can say that it is a team thing, doctor-patient, with positive results in beautifying the appearance. It is a great satisfaction when I restore the confidence and smile on the faces of the patients I have.

Let’s rejuvenate together!

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