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Patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are now more likely to be treated in Turkey by an operation called Ileal Interpozision or Transit Bipartision, depending on their body mass index.


The operation is done only if the C-peptide test shows that the pancreas still has a min. 25% and is active (usually type 2 or above normal).

Following the operation, the body uses its own insulin, which it already has, but it is blocked by the hormone in the small intestine. In conclusion, in the “right” patient, the operation has a guaranteed success of at least 99%.

I recently discovered Turkey through the eyes of a beauty specialist, whom we invite you to meet, because it has a lot of interesting things to tell about the latest and most modern techniques in the field of aesthetics!

It is about Corina Bădulescu, a young entrepreneur from Bucharest who came to change the destinies of thousands of people, after launching the company AESTHETIC MEDICAL.

Corina Bădulescu helps the Romanians and not only, to get to Istanbul at the hands of the most famous doctors from the most luxurious medical clinics, thus treating each other’s problems! The businesswoman told us why she recommends Turkey as a destination for any intervention we would like to do, what kind of cosmetic surgery we find in her company and what are the first steps we need to take when we want a change.

We have a lot of curiosities, but let’s start with the beginning! What are the first steps a person who wants to have cosmetic surgery should take?

The road from the first discussion with a client and the moment when she actually arrives in the doctor’s face depends a lot on the type of intervention he wants!

But the first step is to get to know each other, to get to me his or her story, desire and what expectations he has!

Are future patients generally impatient? How determined are Romanians to change something in their country? Are people afraid of cosmetic surgery?

Most patients want it yesterday if they could! People are very open, especially because they want to do things that change their lives! Whether we are talking about a Botox in the stomach, a non-invasive procedure in which you can lose between 10-15 kg, or it is about the newest and most revolutionary body sculpting technique, the liposuction procedure that helps you have a defined abdomen and the much-desired squares without any effort, whether we are talking about health problems such as type 2 diabetes, patients are extremely impatient and want to change as soon as possible.

How long have you been working in the field of aesthetics and what were your beginnings in entrepreneurship?

I was 19 when I had my first business. Inspired by my parents, who had two horeca businesses in their hometown, I decided to go my own way. And even though I was a law student at the time, I was always drawn to all things beauty! As a result, at the age of 19, I opened a beauty salon! I flirted in parallel with the legal field, for four years, until the day I realized that a business only works if you dedicate 1000% of your time to it. Then I gave up everything and focused only on the beauty salon and the years that followed!

In 2019 I also went to the fashion area, I launched a collection of smart casual clothes! It is another great passion of mine that I will surely enjoy as it should, at the right time. At the moment, all my attention is focused on what AESTETIC MEDICAL means, which I have been dealing with for more than 5 years!

How did you make the transition from a beauty salon to a Life Beauty Business?

As you pointed out, there is a common denominator. I also work with people, I change their lives, which is more than a simple painting or haircut would do! It is a natural evolution in a person’s life, when he has a goal, a perspective! I have always known where I want to go and my ambition and passion have brought me to you today!

What were the beginnings of this business and how did you start this successful business?

AESTETIC MEDICAL was born after an extended vacation I had in Istanbul! Basically I can say that I lived for a while on the Bosphorus and that’s how I came to discover their fascinating medical world! And from here to the thought of setting up a business in Romania was just one step. Or rather several steps, because the work was titanic and still is, my company being in a continuous expansion.

Let’s tell people what we find at AESTHETIC MEDICAL ISTANBUL!

Aesthetic Medical Istanbul is a top company operating in the medical field, providing people around the world with access to all kinds of interventions, the best clinics and the most famous doctors in Istanbul! And I say from all over the world, because we have patients not only from Romania but also from Italy, France, Germany, Dubai and even America. People choose us because we have in our portfolio over 23 top clinics and over 50 renowned doctors, from all medical fields: hair implant, facelift, rhinoplasty, breast implant, buttock implant with silicone or own fat, liposuction, abdominoplasty . Of course, we also have general practitioners, because there are a lot of people who want to go to Turkey if only to do a complete set of tests every year. We have doctors from all specialties from oncology, gynecology, orthopedics or even pediatrics and last but not least, doctors specializing in bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve, gastric byoass or stomach botox), the latter being one of the most desired interventions of the moment.

What do women want?

Big breasts, small nose, flat abdomen, bulging bottom. Perfection. That’s what they want that’s what we offer them.

What is the procedure so requested by everyone, the famous Vaser Lipo Two Pack & Six Pack?

LASER LIPOSUCTION HIGH DEFINITION interventions together with the TWO / SIX PACK procedure are procedures that are very sought after by our patients. VASER technology has revolutionized the field of ultrasonic liposuction and liposculpture. The Vaser Lipo procedure uses precise frequency ultrasound for fat cells that are detached from the supporting structure and then aspirated. Traditional methods of liposuction are associated with pain, edema, bruising and patients who underwent this procedure also complained about the long recovery time. These side effects are now greatly reduced by using the VASER Lipo procedure.

How to perform VASER Lipo Liposuction?

VASER liposuction uses ultrasound waves to break down fat cells on support structures. Nerves and blood vessels are not affected by the frequency of ultrasound, a special one, so recovery and bleeding is much reduced during this time of intervention. The skin shrinks faster and to a greater extent because ultrasound encourages and amplifies this. With VASER Lipo, fat deposits can be removed with maximum precision, so that the abdominal muscles can be highlighted and a refined appearance of the treated region is obtained. What sets VASER Lipo apart from other liposuction procedures, such as classic or laser-assisted, is the ability of VASER technology to distinguish between adipose tissue and other structures (blood vessels, nerves, connective tissues). Thanks to this innovation, VASER liposuction minimizes the risk of lesions in other tissues in the vicinity of the treated area. Our doctors combine the VASER Lipo technique with Lick Tickle to achieve the desired aesthetic results as well as to minimize the risks and recovery period associated with this procedure.

What can you tell us about the buttocks procedure?

The BBL procedure, the transfer of fat in the buttocks is an extremely fashionable one now. Our doctors can help you achieve remarkable results using the “Brazilian butt lift” technique, which sculpts your body and gives a firmer, rounder back but also a supple waist. All this without the scars and risks involved in a silicone buttock implant.

He recommends with priority (when possible), the method of lipofilling, respectively of increasing the volume using his own fat extracted by liposuction from other areas of the body where it is in excess.

The method is ultra-known as “Brazilian But Lift” / Brazilian butt lift and is one of the most accessed cosmetic procedures by Hollywood stars.

The obligatory condition to be able to use this procedure is that there is enough excess fat deposited in other areas. In other words… if you are a very weak person… the operation will not be possible!

Who is recommended to enlarge the buttocks?

Buttock augmentation is recommended for both women and men, especially when:

– there is a disproportion between the volume of the buttocks (too small) and the rest of the body;

– there is a psychological discomfort justified and due to the unsightly appearance of the buttocks;

– the buttocks are flat or have no solid and rounded shapes;

– the gluteal muscles are atrophied and the person is forbidden to do sports / physical activity;

– gluteal muscles were injured in an accident.

It is worth mentioning that the new buttock implants that you will enjoy will produce a feeling similar to that of some muscles worked at the gym.

The advantages of those who choose this procedure are:

a) Very small scars, up to about 0.5 mm, because cannulas of this size are used.

b) Rapid recovery due to the fact that the operation is minimally invasive.

c) Elimination of the risk of rejection of the gluteal implant, because its own fat is used

d) Concomitant reshaping of the abdomen, hips, back, calves, thighs or other areas, by liposuction.


Buttock augmentation with its own fat involves three main and distinct operations: liposuction in pre-established areas, processing and reinjecting fat into the buttocks.

The operation begins by extracting fat from the desired areas (liposuction) using special cannulas. The resulting fat is processed and then reinjected into the buttocks through several channels. Because a significant percentage of the transferred fat is resorbed in the buttocks, in most cases more vomiting is injected than necessary. In this way, after resorption, the buttocks will look as originally planned. At the end of the operation, the incisions are sutured and drainage tubes are inserted.


Diabetes is a disease that causes high blood sugar, and occurs when there is a problem with insulin. Type 2 diabetes is thought to result from a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors.

Scientists do not know the exact cause, but the risk factors seem to include: excess body fat, high blood pressure or cholesterol, a history of gestational diabetes, aging.

As obesity has become more prevalent in recent decades, so has the rate of type 2 diabetes. In 2013, more than 1 in 3 people had diabetes, and more than 2 in 3 were overweight or obese.


Patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are now likely to be treated in Turkey by an operation called Ileal Interpozision or Transit Bipartision, depending on their body mass index.

The operation is done only if the C-peptide test shows that the pancreas still has a min.25% insulin reserve and is active (generally at type 2 it is at the normal limit or above).

Following the operation, the body uses its own insulin, which it already has, but it is blocked by the hormone in the small intestine. In conclusion, in the “right” patient, the operation has a guaranteed success of at least 99%.

The operation called Ileal Interpozision is performed only on “suitable” patients, ie:

● you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes;

● you cannot control your blood sugar within normal limits;

● the maximum age is 65 years;

● the internal organs are still unaffected;

● do not perform dialysis;

● pancreas with a reserve of at least 25% active insulin;

● body mass index must be 30 or over 30;

The final decision will be approved by the cardiologist, nephrologist, gastrologist and anesthetist, after evaluating the necessary tests.


You will need to see your doctor for Diabetes Surgery as a first step. Then comes the preoperative period, where blood tests will be performed, consultation with the Departments of Endocrinology, Cardiology, Psychology, Internal Medicine and Dietitian. The final decision to see if you are fit for surgery will be made by a multi-specialist Commission.

This “preparation” period usually lasts 2 days, including the first consultation.

The procedure requires 3 days of hospitalization in a normal room, without complications. There are no rules or diets to follow before surgery. It is recommended not to eat solid things about 2-3 days before surgery. After the operation, a diet will be followed, and the doctor will explain the post-operative rules during the first medical consultation.

The period of stay on the territory of Turkey, after discharge, is about 5 days for carrying out the controls.

HAIR TRANSPLANTATION, another procedure highly requested by AESTHETIC MEDICAL patients

DHI hair transplantation is a minimally invasive technique. DHI hair transplantation, Direct Hair Implantation®, is a modern hair transplant technique developed by the FUE subgroup. Triple synergy – technology, teamwork and technical power.

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

It is a hair transplant technique that offers results with an almost 100% natural appearance and uses the most advanced extraction and implantation tools with a diameter of 1 mm for a faster recovery, causing minimal damage to the hair follicles and a healing process. fast.

It has the most trained and experienced team of doctors and health professionals. Only the LHRTA and major European universities carry out procedures by specially trained and certified healthcare professionals in this field of expertise.

DHI hair transplantation is the most advanced hair transplant technique. At the turn of the century, it is the latest technique developed by the team advancing from the rigid FUT-Strip and developing FUE transport. In 2010, hair transplantation research (DHI) led to the development of direct hair implantation, and today, Direct Hair Implantation® has been widely applied worldwide as a technique that makes patients’ hopes and expectations come true.

With DHI hair transplantation or direct hair implantation, the hair follicles are placed individually in rare areas, which must be transplanted individually on the scalp. Each hair follicle is placed in a certain direction, angle and depth, providing 100% natural results and maximum applicability thanks to patented DHI tools. Implanted hair follicles continue to grow throughout a person’s life and no longer fall out.

The whole procedure is performed by doctors trained and certified by the DHI Hair Restoration Academy in London, a specialist in hair restoration worldwide and in accordance with the strict DHI quality standardization protocols created to achieve excellent results every time.

What are the benefits of the DHI hair transplant technique?

Completely secure: strict protocols are applied to all processes and at all levels to ensure 100% security.

Natural result: complete control of the depth, direction and angle of insertion of hair grafts provides a 100% natural result.

Painless: disposable tools with a diameter less than or equal to 1 mm are used to collect and place the hair roots.

Maximum guaranteed usability: while the viability of the graft is over 90%, the industry average is between 50% and 90%.

The request will be made by surgeons and specialized team: the transplant process is performed by hair transplant specialists trained and certified by the DHI Academy.

Lifelong growth guarantee: only healthy hair follicles, genetically designed for lifelong growth, are selected and implanted.

How do I apply the DHI hair transplant technique?

During the absorption of the hair follicles, each hair follicle is extracted one by one from the donor site using a disposable instrument with a diameter of 1 mm or less. The follicles are then kept at a certain temperature and after placement, in a solution that improves the quality of the grafts without separating, cutting or generally touching.

In the evening phase, the hair follicles are implanted directly in the area where the hair loss occurs, using a patented DHI Implanter with a diameter of 1 mm or less, without first forming a hole or a slit.

With DHI hair transplantation, complete control of the depth, direction and placement angle of each graft ensures 100% natural results, maximum applicability and you will never lose your transplanted hair and it will last a lifetime.

What are the benefits of the DHI hair transplant technique?

After the DHI hair transplant, the patient should not shave his head completely before the procedure, if he wishes.

Direct implantation (DHI) hair treatment is suitable for both men and women.

In most surgeries, patients can return to work the day after the session.

In cases of excessive hair loss and if the strands on the back of the head are not enough to cover the area of ​​the recipient, it is possible to use the hair behind the face and body.

Implanted hair will not fall out, so no long-term medication is needed.

However, medications are recommended to prevent thinning and hair loss.

Complete results and complete hair growth take 12 months, but the results, including previous hair treatment, become visible in two months.

Why is DHI the best hair transplant technique?

Unlike other hair transplant methods – such as FUE and FUT (Strip) – with direct hair transplantation, there are no cuts or holes in the desired area. The hair follicles are implanted directly into the site using the patented DHI implant device. This allows complete control of the depth, direction and angle of insertion of each graft. Unlike other hair transplant methods, DHI Direct Hair Implant does not include a scalpel, incision or suture. The follicular units of the hair are extracted one by one with a diameter of 1 mm or less using a disposable tool specially designed to prevent trauma to the area. With DHI Direct hair implantation, there is no treatment for hair follicles to avoid the risk of necrotic haircuts and also to avoid the effects of the condition for too long outside their natural environment. Instead, hair follicles extracted with direct implantation of DHI hair are placed and stored directly in a solution that grows them at a certain temperature and after insertion. It is performed by surgeons and teams specialized in the field. It offers 100% safety, natural results, maximum applicability and lifelong growth.

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