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Simona Chițac, between delicacy and iron hand

Simona Chițac, between delicacy and iron hand

We met Simona many years ago, when one of our collaborators confidently recommended us to organize an event. We liked at first her smile and the confidence with which she emphasized the important words in her speech.

Simona Chițac, between delicacy and iron hand

Since then and until today, we have made many successful events and together we initiated the series of charitable events From Love for Children, after which we managed to help children with autism and ADHD from the M Service Therapy Center. Subsequently, he was on the list of candidates for the City Hall of sector 1, even for the mayor’s seat. Today I found her in an important and difficult position, as administrator of her own medical clinic, in line 1, where she can be an example of perseverance and professionalism for many of us. Moreover, the Legacy Med clinic turns 1 year old in August and deserves our attention, especially since everything developed in the middle of a pandemic year.

Your name is associated with many business successes. You have advised important players in several fields: real estate, sports, music, banking, medical. You now have several businesses in various fields. Wherever you are, there is always success. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Where the present success is, you appear too. How is reality? How would you present yourself briefly, through your projects, to our readers?

I like success. Mine and those around me. It is true that I have a special flair and I have never been associated with failed businesses or weak people. So I couldn’t tell if I was around success, or success around me. What I know for sure is that we are in natural symbiosis. I am capable of special efforts to do what I set out to do and I motivate very well those I work with. I worked with special people, that was my luck. Nicusor Stan, the president of the Ambassador, Eduard Irimia, the one who created the great Superkombat brand, Bogdan Oprea, the president of the BGS group, left me very pleasant memories, I had consulting contracts with Erste Bank, representing through them a period of press communication of BCR Leasing in Romania, we held events for the Military Academy and organized the Cyber ​​Security Training Forum For Central & Eastern Europe. For a while I also brought my contribution to the world of artists and podium athletes, mainly in motorsport and kickboxing. I had to study every field in detail, to transpose myself very carefully, in order to be able to offer business consulting at a performance level. Now, I work in the field of aesthetic medicine and I really like what I do, dedicating myself with passion and perseverance.


Simona Chițac, between delicacy and iron hand

What moments in your life have made the most impression on you and influenced your way of thinking?

I don’t know exactly why, but I have erased many useless or banal things from my life from my memory, to make room for extraordinary things and moments. I had a few knots in my life, as I call them, that made me stagger and then come back even stronger. I realized that a woman’s place in the business world is very difficult to maintain and can greatly affect your femininity in the eyes of others. It is very difficult for me to keep a balance between delicacy and an iron fist. As an imprint… a dismissal, without explanations, at the age of 22, when I was working in a large survey trust, was very important and my vision probably bothered me then. Then, over time, I was reconfirmed that you should always act as you think, not as others try to convince you that it is right. Use your own goose, regardless of context. Do not weigh with the eyes and mind of the other. This is the only way you can stay in tune with yourself, to remain a calm and balanced man.

In 2007 you launched your own PR agency, In Progress Media. Later, after a few years, for reasons of personal life, you decided to sell it. However, you continued to provide advice, but more to your loved ones. Now you have your own brand. Was it hard to move from consulting to creating strategies for yourself?

Having my PR agency was an extraordinary exercise and the busiest time of my life so far. I started at 8 in the morning, finished at 11-12 at night, and when I slept I dreamed of campaigns and projects. The change came when I started promoting people and we took all things as personal ambitions. At the request of the family, I stopped working in the agency, sold it to an acquaintance and retired to another type of business then, real estate development. Indeed, the construction of a consultant took me away from the idea of ​​having my own brand to grow and promote. Only last year, constrained by a context of personal life, we launched two businesses out of a fire: one in swimsuits with personalized digital patterns, So Beach Clothing and one in aesthetic medicine, Legacy Med.

Simona Chițac, between delicacy and iron hand

How much has the short political episode in your life changed you? Have you considered re-entering the political scene?

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In the long run it had no impact. Then, for the moment, in 2016, I was honored and entered very determined politics. It was not to be. I was tempted in January last year with a new offer, which I declined. I like too much what I do now and I like the peace of my home, so no matter how much I love people and I would like to get involved responsibly in society I can do it, but outside of politics.

Does Simona Chițac have free time? What does she like to do when she’s not at the office?

I try to stop a little free time for myself. I love to go. Every journey is a life lesson.

Simona Chițac, between delicacy and iron hand

Who would you like to thank through our magazine for the first year of activity? Thoughts for our readers?

1 year of Legacy… 1 year of inheritance. I am grateful to my family who gave me a special education, made me understand that whoever has a book, has a part, and, if you combine this with a touch of luck and courage, you can achieve whatever you set out to do. The readers of the magazine are definitely beautiful and educated people, being a niche magazine. I wish them a peaceful autumn, to be proud of them when they go to sleep at night and when they look in the mirror in the morning. In the fight over the years, you don’t need a magic wand, just the right doctor.