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Sorana Darclée Mohamad

Sorana Darclée Mohamad

We live in the century where appearance has become like a business card.

Sorana Darclée Mohamad

You are an artist, and you understand, perhaps better than others, how important this is. Do you think your image played an important role in your career as a singer?

A very interesting thing that I discovered through painting is that absolutely all people have a special appearance. Every wrinkle, every mark, every bone in our structure makes us original and in a way tells our stories.

Therefore I have a face on which my life story can be read. It’s at least an interesting one :))

What do you think about aesthetic interventions and the changes they bring to people’s lives?

Every man has the right to decide for himself. This is to eliminate any doubt that I would give my opinion.

I understand all these manifestations. Some heal stories from the past, others want perfection, and others express themselves as very few do not judge. Others resort to small or large adjustments because they want to.

It is about each individual depending on the importance that the “modification” brings to their life. 

Have you ever called to aesthetic interventions? What procedures did you opt for?

Yes, I called when I was 21 years old, to Dr. Constantin Stan. I have breast surgery. Minimal weight because I listened to him and I can say it’s art! 🙂

Do you have any intervention that you would like to do in the future?

I do not have. I’m fine with my body fixed like this. I intend to take care of myself as fairly as possible but love every sign of my age and experiences.

I have wrinkles around my mouth and some lines around my eyes because I laugh a lot. About two healthy lines on my forehead because I’m analytical and often raise my eyebrows. :))

What are the criteria you take into account when choosing the aesthetic clinic where you do your procedures?

I have only one experience in this sense, breast augmentation. The first thing in the order of priorities was to look for the most recommended doctor with extensive experience in the field.

I could probably talk about a second experience, dental aesthetics, intervention I had at Dr. Ahmad Jbara. This is where the fact that I have known Ahmad since residency and therefore had the opportunity to follow his career came into play.

In Romania, aesthetic medicine is considered a taboo subject. Have you ever run into people’s prejudices for the choices you make?

I’m not the type of person to look for validation in the opinions of others. So if they have or had a problem, they know.

How would you describe Sorana, the woman, the artist, the beauty, in just 3 words?

Trust yourself.

Nothing compares to people who believe in themselves and their strength. Our beauty lies in a well-cultivated brain and an emotionally stable heart.

Sorana Darclée Mohamad

What is the secret behind the fresh artist, always smiling and ready for new challenges?

I’m happy and that’s what I’ve wanted since I’ve been on earth. Being happy allows and encourages me to do whatever I set my mind to.

From whom do you get your inspiration and joy, every day?

From me 🙂

No arrogance. It is my mind that builds the Universe I want to live in. Then I consciously move on to the facts. And yes, I’m also lucky enough to have my other half by my side.

Can you describe Sorana for us over 10 years? Are you ready to maintain your perfect image, regardless of age?

Let’s see how it will be.

I see myself happy. 

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