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STYLAGE by VIVACY and IPN-LIKE technology

STYLAGE by VIVACY and IPN-LIKE technology



All VIVACY products are based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has a short lifespan and is soluble in water, which means that it must be stabilized before being injected into the skin tissues. To do this, a special technical process called “crosslinking” is used to bind the hyaluronic acid molecules together to obtain a cohesive gel for a smoothing, lifting and / or volumizing effect of the skin that will last several months.


VIVACY laboratories have developed “IPN-Like Technology”, a unique crosslinking technology for hyaluronic acid that accurately defines the viscoelastic properties of each product.

From a clinical point of view, the main characteristics of the product sought by doctors are their ability to lift skin tissues, provide mechanical support and spread easily. To achieve these desired effects, the hyaluronic acid gel must have a unique combination of elasticity and viscosity.

These specific viscoelastic properties determine the place where the gel will be injected, allowing it to respond to the various mechanical stresses to which it will be subjected in tissues.

As a result, the interpenetration of reticulated networks:

– Optimizes the rheology of the products, especially the viscosity to guarantee a good injectability of the product.

– Maintains the partial independence of interpenetrated networks of hyaluronic acid, while increasing the density of chemical nodes.

– Guarantees the cohesion of the gel and its single-phase properties.

STYLAGE by VIVACY and IPN-LIKE technology


To protect the formulation of hyaluronic acid during injection, VIVACY has incorporated antioxidants into its products: mannitol and sorbitol. These antioxidant agents act as active eliminators against the most aggressive hydroxyl radicals generated during the injection process. As a result, they work to minimize the rapid decomposition of the injected hyaluronic acid gel.

STYLAGE by VIVACY and IPN-LIKE technology



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