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Talking to Corina Munteanu, President of the Romanian Association of Entrepreneurs in the Beauty Industry

Talking to Corina Munteanu, President of the Romanian Association of Entrepreneurs in the Beauty Industry

Talking to Corina Munteanu, President of the Romanian Association of Entrepreneurs in the Beauty Industry

What is beauty for you?

Since in 2020 I founded PADIR – the Patronatul of Entrepreneurs in the Beauty Industry from Romania, beauty is the field of activity to which I am totally dedicated. Why? Because I want a fair market, governed by the principles of fair competition, with high quality standards and impeccable customer service, aligned with European and international standards. PADIR also runs projects that aim to strengthen the reputation of professionals working in beauty and promote jobs in the field among institutionalized young people or from disadvantaged backgrounds. Trying to keep the theme of the magazine, because beauty can be found in everything, in art, music, nature, tastes, soul, deeds, kindness or compassion, referring to physical beauty, this is what gives pleasure to the senses but especially to the eye.

How important is physical appearance in society?

Physical appearance plays a crucial role in shaping a person’s well-being, self-confidence, dignity and health. It is the reason that leads you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular physical activity, a proper diet, balanced sleep and visits to the beauty salon. The desire to have a pleasant physical appearance helps prevent serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes or heart disease, chronic diseases that can have a significant impact both on the person and on society as a whole. It is shown in various studies that a pleasant physical appearance prevents mental illness by reducing stress and anxiety and helps to increase self-esteem invariably leading to increased productivity and well-being of the person, whether we relate it to a community or to society in general. But be careful, we are only talking about the prevention stage, not the treatment. In the pandemic, it has been shown that beauty services are not just a fad, but a necessity that is closely related to the well-being of the individual. This is precisely why physical appearance should be a priority for everyone, including NGOs, government and other authorities who should understand the importance of promoting preventive health and well-being in general.

Do you think that aesthetic procedures manage to change the world?

Yes, aesthetic procedures manage to change the world. When they are absolutely necessary (reasons related to the individual’s health) or when they represent the key to a person’s happiness, they change the world for the better, and the arguments are those from the previous question: the individual’s well-being, esteem and self-confidence. Conversely, if we refer to the creation of stereotypes, if we resort to these procedures only because they are fashionable, without taking into account native traits, then things change 180 degrees by creating complexes and frustrations, both at the level of individual, as well as at the community or even society level.

Have you resorted to aesthetic interventions so far?

Yes, I have aesthetic interventions, which are part of the category of those necessary to improve health. They have not always been necessary, the need arose with the passage of time, and I gained the courage during the pandemic, when I had enough time to pay more attention to this aspect.

Do you think that the satisfactory results obtained with the help of the esthetician can change the lives of patients?

Definitely yes! If you have tried any other alternative and have not achieved results, if the result obtained from an aesthetic intervention is according to your expectations, it cannot but be reflected in your daily activity. You start to love yourself, or to love yourself more, you like yourself, you trust yourself, you feel that you can change the world in turn. If it is not reflected, it means that you did not correctly identify the need, it means that the intervention was not necessary and then it does not have the power to improve your well-being and implicitly your interaction with society.

Where do you think all the myths about aesthetic procedures and patient profiles started?

We live in a very dynamic world with a need for permanent change. The day does not seem to have 24 hours left, and we are no longer able to be completely satisfied with the results obtained. And then, we look for culprits. I look around and realize that there are not many who have understood that aesthetic procedures are not recommended for everyone. They are not interested in the risks, the benefits or the adverse effects, the mental effort required or even the post-intervention recovery. The important thing is that he does it, because it will change his life. Then, the fact that these interventions are not personalized, making the features, which should be different from one person to another, look so similar to each other, I think has led to the formation of preconceived ideas about aesthetic procedures and the kind of patients who call on them.

Do you want an intervention that you are currently afraid to do?

Not. In my view, interventions should not be ordered or delayed out of fear. I don’t want interventions, I do them only if necessary in the sense in which my health is affected. I’m lucky enough to think of myself as naturally beautiful, I’ve never felt a need for beautification that would prompt me to resort to cosmetic surgery. Of course, with time, the need begins to appear, but for now, I still resort to non-invasive procedures such as non-surgical facelifts or various slimming procedures performed in beauty salons.

Beauty trends…are they a myth or just an inspiration for patients?

Beauty trends are definitely not just a myth. They exist, just as trendsetters exist. Important to remember is the fact that they change at an astonishing speed, that’s why the decision to be fashionable with everything that is in trend must be a very well thought out one. The eyebrows, for example, were worn very masculine, thick. Many ladies resorted to the micropigmentation procedure, even if this form did not match their native features. Now they don’t wear the male shape anymore and for the change they have to resort to several laser removal sessions, sessions which, if not carried out by a very well-trained professional, can leave scars for life. So the question that should be on everyone’s mind when they decide to be trendy is: do I really need this change?

How much has appearance mattered to you over time?

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 and at the beginning I was active in the field of media and advertising, setting up an advertising agency whose main product was a magazine. I had meetings with very important business people, CEOs, marketing directors, etc. Of course we paid more attention to the appearance. The society we live in puts a lot of weight on label, a label to which physical appearance but also appearance, including clothing style, behavior and knowledge baggage, contribute significantly. I will admit that I attributed some of my success back then to my appearance and the way I presented myself at meetings. And that’s because, even if my age betrayed the fact that I don’t have enough experience, people still chose to work with me. The image of a professional, neat and attentive to details, compensated for the lack of experience.

What message would you like to convey to women, advice that could change their lives?

Have faith in your own strength but never forget the power of red lipstick. Do you feel that you are at the end of your powers, that nothing you do has a purpose or a finality? Beauty services are the answer. The time spent in a beauty salon will relax you, it’s the place where you most often talk like a psychologist, where you tell part of your secrets or everyday experiences, it’s the place where your beauty is put into value and the place where you leave with the sense of fulfillment raised to maximum heights. You will discover how beautiful you are, you will trust yourself and your life will change. Call for pampering sessions in beauty salons as often as possible to rediscover self-esteem and confidence in your own abilities.

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