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TBIPay, the simple and fast financial solution, 100% online

TBIPay, the simple and fast financial solution, 100% online

TBIPay, the simple and fast financial solution, 100% online, through which customers have immediate access to the medical services they need and clinics increase their sales

With TBIPay it is easier and faster than ever to get the medical services you need. Part of the TBI portfolio, a leader in covering financial needs in the South East Europe region. TBIPay offers an innovative lending experience for medical services, but also for many other products and services that anyone can need.

For patients, TBIPay takes financial care when they urgently need a medical service at one of TBI’s partner clinics, which offers this payment solution. All they have to do is apply for payment for medical services through TBIPay, in a simple and fast process, 100% online. The approval of the loan takes only 10 minutes, with a minimum of documents and no trips to the bank, so that they can immediately benefit from the services they need and pay later, in installments according to their budget.

 For clinics and merchants, TBIPay is an extremely effective solution that can attract more customers – who may otherwise have to postpone medical procedures due to lack of sufficient financial resources – and can significantly increase their sales. As a TBI partner, the clinic receives the money on the spot, and the advantage is that there is no cost to offer payment through TBIPay.

“At TBI, we are always close to our customers and partners. We are an inclusive bank and always attentive to the needs of those around us, especially in the digital age we are going through today and in the context of the last year and a half that not only put health first, but also changed a lot the way we also interact with the needs we have ”, says Ionuț Sabadac, Sales Director at TBI.

“TBIPay is the perfect solution for the needs of today and in the future, both for consumers and traders. And when it comes to health credit, we know what it means to have an urgent need for a medical service and not have the necessary money. The TBIPay financing solution means the immediate approval of the loan, in less than 10 minutes, being a convenient method by which customers can get what they want immediately, and partners can increase their sales“, explains Ionuț Sabadac.

TBI has a wide national presence in the medical field, offering funding to clients for services in areas such as dentistry, surgery, in vitro fertilization, veterinary medicine, diabetes treatment, body treatments, etc. Through TBIPay, medical service providers can offer solutions for each type of client, and TBI is always flexible in accepting clients.

TBI Bank is a state-of-the-art inclusive lender that addresses consumers, merchants and SMEs by providing financing and built-in solutions available in an extensive network of ‘phygital’ channels and platforms (online and in-store). It currently operates in Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Lithuania.

Through various digital channels, its own network of over 300 branches and trusted partnerships with over 11,000 retailers and small and large retailers, TBI Bank has served over 1 million customers in 2020 alone and has provided almost 500,000 loans. At the same time, TBI has a strategy to consolidate its presence in Romania in order to offer customers complete banking solutions in modern branches in large cities in the country. Consolidation is part of TBI Bank’sstrategy to build a strong presence throughout Romania and to be closer to its customers with banking solutions and financial advice that meet their current needs.

Every day we receive requests for new collaborations from all branches of the medical industry. If you are interested, enter our website and become a partner:

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