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The aesthetics trends to know about for 2022

The aesthetics trends to know about for 2022

By Francesca Ogiermann-White /

Straight from CCR, the UK’s only surgical and non-surgical conference, we bring you the most in-demand cosmetic treatments to plan for this year…

Injectables 2.0

With a new generation of dermal fillers and toxins, now’s the time for a subtle ‘refresh’. Just landed in the UK is Prollenium: a hyaluronic acid-based filler from Canada, which uses spherical particles, thus reducing pain or swelling. The result? A slower breakdown of product, smoother delivery and greater volumisation. Sharon Bennett, chair of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), is a fan. Not forgetting Profhilo Body, recently- launched ‘skin booster’ designed to rejuvenate crêpey upper arms and abdomens. The injections of high- and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid sting, but there’s a post- treatment sheet mask and at-home cream to take off the edge. Two sessions are shown to reduce skin roughness and laxity by 23 per cent – for best results, book in with Dr Preema Vig.
Finally, meet Juvapen Expert: a robotic device which streamlines the process of injectable treatment. Dr Munir Somji is already using the hi-tech tool, which offers meticulous precision whilst enabling exact dosage – crucial for achieving a natural result.

The aesthetics trends to know about for 2022

Copacabana Curves… Without the Scalpel  

Body shaping is having a moment – and the newest, non-surgical treatments are as cutting-edge as they come. Take The Emerald Laser, which uses specific wavelengths of light energy to perforate unwanted fat cells, allowing the liquid within to drain via the lymphatic system and the cells to shrink. Not only does this lead to a leaner, healthier body composition, but it’s also the first laser to be granted FDA clearance for circumference reduction in patients with a BMI of up to 40. Best of all, it’s quick, non-invasive and involves zero downtime – for treatment, Dr Natalie Geary is your girl. However, if volume loss is an issue, Lanluma could help. A new ‘biostimulating’ injectable – it uses PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid) to stimulate collagen production within the tissues – treatment enables the practitioner to smooth and shape the silhouette over a number of sessions. For superb sculpting of hip dips, sagging bottoms or lax upper arms, Dr Anna-Marie Olsen can’t be bettered. 

The aesthetics trends to know about for 2022

Supercharged Skin 

Radiofrequency plus micro-needling is nothing new – however, a raft of just-launched devices has taken skin-refining to all new heights. Morpheus8 (responsible for Judy Murray’s incredible transformation) is still big news (the recently-launched body applicator reveals newly springy skin in the hands of Dr Selena Langdon). However, if acne scars and wrinkles are your nemesis, Cutera’s Secret® Pro harnesses the power of resurfacing CO2 laser and radio frequency micro-needling to smooth the canvas. Then there’s Lynton’s Focus Dual, which gives skin back its snap via a combination of radio frequency micro-needling and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Prepare to see your tightest skin yet…

Eye-Opening Surgeries 

Following the ‘Zoom Boom’, blepharoplasties are still being requested in record numbers – however, some fresh thinking is making these procedures feel more ‘spa-like’ than surgical. Take FaceRestoration – a practice run by Miss Rachna Murthy and Professor Jonathan Roos – which offers upper- and lower-lid rejuvenation under local anaesthetic (their use of music, aromatherapy and other techniques notably reduces pain and bruising). Meanwhile, oculoplastic surgeon Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai is seeing excellent results with the millimetre-thick Endolift laser, which helps to tighten lax tissues and do away with malar bags and puffiness by means of a single, tiny puncture. What’s more, Dr Maryam Zamani reports a surge in patients undergoing smaller, less invasive treatments for the eye area. Those in the oculoplastic surgeon’s care can just as readily expect treatments such as the new Belotero® Revive skin booster, or Sciton’s Halo Laser – to restore hydrated, healthy-looking skin around the eyes. Finally, to complement your eyelid procedure, Moorfields surgeon Mr Daniel Ezra suggests an non-surgical laser Eyelash Lift. Performed using a CO2 laser, which tightens the skin at the base of the eyelashes, the treatment makes lashes appear naturally longer and lustrous – the icing on the cake. 

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