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Anti-aging injectable procedures will become the norm in the coming years in all urban areas

At the Legacy Med Clinic, we have a say: Traveling back in time does not need a time machine. But only by the right doctor. It often happens to write to us ladies and gentlemen who want to become our patients, but do not know what to start with. Our merit is to put them in touch with a medical advisor, who will guide each one. Depending on the needs and desires of the patient, she will receive a phased intervention plan, so that, with the help of minimally invasive procedures, we can achieve natural, anti-aging transformations.


We have some basic rules that all our doctors follow:

– Decency in aesthetics;

– Natural results;

– Anti-aging, no changes in features.

Every time, our doctors manage to get the most beautiful and emotional reactions from our patients. A 49-year-old patient wrote to us that, following the three visits made to our clinic, when she performed various injectable procedures, only now, at this age, did she learn to love herself. He visited us after a tiring divorce and after he lost his job due to the pandemic. The small adjustments with botox and hyaluronic acid made her get rid of the signs of fatigue and suffering on her face, so she was reborn. Because even we, the doctors of Legacy Med, believe that true beauty comes from within. Our patient only needed to regain her self-confidence through the procedures performed in our country.

We do not offer a new face and we do not major change the natural features of patients, we believe in the genetic heritage of each person and we improve it.

Injectable procedures have many advantages:

● First of all, they can always be done periodically, until the scalpel enters the scene, which becomes the only ally. But facial surgery should happen late or never for some patients.

● Secondly, the substance used mainly in these transformations is either hyaluronic acid, which is undoubtedly found in our body naturally, or collagen, the basic component of traction wires.

● Last but not least, these procedures are reversible. If a patient wants to return to her natural form (although such things have not happened to us), hyaluronic acid can be completely removed in just a few hours.


A major problem for potential patients is the prejudices or restrictions of those in the family. Unfortunately, many people still consider that small injectable procedures categorize you as botoxate or a person with a questionable morality. Fortunately, in the urban environment and in an educated segment of people, these prejudices disappear and, once the advantages of a rejuvenated appearance are observed in a decent way, the patients return and recommend us with pleasure.

A good help in this direction is also represented by the public persons who assume and recognize the type of procedures they resort to. For example, although 50 years have passed, Mihaela Rădulescu and Cătălin Botezatu are among the public figures who have admitted that they are followers of injectable procedures. Mihaela Rădulescu declares herself a fan of collagen lifting hairs, while Cătălin Botezatu talks about the beneficial experiences of vampire therapy and small botox interventions, for inactivating wrinkles. Cătălin Botezatu also declared: In time, Romanians will get rid of prejudices and injections will become very common. The chosen doctor is important. But they will become normal, it’s all about culture.

Regardless of the motivation that makes patients cross our threshold, our mission is to propose to them how we can improve their features and the appearance of the face, so as to obtain transformations that patients are proud of.

The Legacy Med Clinic is headquartered in Bucharest, in the Aviatorilor area, but also has an office in the main cities in the country: Arad, Iași, Bacău, Sibiu.

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