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The new wave of dermatologists orwhen the world is theirs

The new wave of dermatologists or
when the world is theirs

Dr. Monica Păun

The new wave of dermatologists

“I have always wanted to pursue a degree that will put me on a career path.”

When did you discover your passion for medicine?

My passion for medicine came early on, as I was per se a patient with various dermatological conditions myself. As an adolescent, I consulted dermatologists for my ongoing urticaria and acne and became fascinated about medicine and doctors. I noticed that dermatologists, not only treat patients with very serious, life-threatening illnesses, but are able to bring smiles back to patients’ faces and, above all, help patients rebuild trust in themselves. In dermato-venereology, I like that the majority of therapeutic results are visible immediately or shortly after. I started fantasizing about one day becoming one of those doctors who is able to make someone’s life a little better or even help them regain lost confidence.         

I have always wanted to pursue a degree that will put me on a career path and prepare me for a fulfilling role in society. In my high school years, I was still oscillating between medicine and law, but now I am convinced that I made the right decision.     

Who is the person who inspired your passion for Dermato-Venerology the most?

My parents were the first ones to instill the idea that being a doctor is a noble profession and helping your fellows is something that brings you fulfillment and so dermatology can be a good fit for me. During college, I was attracted to several medical specialties such as ophthalmology, endocrinology and gastroenterology. I still didn’t yet know that I was to follow dermato-venereology. But with time it became clearer to me. After the residency exam (examination after which each new doctor chooses their desired specialty) I developed a dermatological condition called alopecia areata. I saw that as a sign and confirmation to pursue dermato-venereology. Today, I am actively pursuing my PhD and studying about alopecia areata.           

Do you consider that in Romania, Dermato-Venerology is properly represented worldwide? What interventions do you think should be more intensely promoted in Romania?

Yes, I believe that Dermato-Venereology is properly represented worldwide. Romanian dermatologists are very well trained and are recognized for their merits in this field.

For one year during my residency, I had the opportunity to work in two public hospitals in France, Paris (APHP). Thus, I was able to compare the level of training of Romanian and French doctors, their methods of investigation and treatments of various dermatological diseases, as well as many other aspects.

The dermato-venereology specialty is a medical branch that includes some diseases that are borderline with rheumatology, infectious diseases, internal medicine and oncology. The main difference is that in France this specialty is more encompassing than in Romania, dermatologists being those treating the borderline diseases, including the oncological part.

I believe that medical education of the population should be favored over interventions – which is the current state of things. Using SPF and checking modified moles with a medical professional should be top of mind for everyone for the prevention of skin cancer.     

Are there enough specialization modules in Dermato-Venerology in Romania? What is the main source of professional information for Dermato-Venerologists?

From my point of view, yes. For several years now, courses of oral pathology and pediatrics have been added to the training curriculum of resident doctors in dermato-venereology, both specialties being extremely related to our specialty. I consider this to be a beneficial change.

The main source of information for dermato-venereologists comes from national and international congresses. These events inform doctors around the world about recent advances in the diagnosis, pathophysiological or therapeutic, of various dermatological conditions.

Do you consider that the legislation in force protects the doctor sufficiently? Is malpractice properly regulated? What would you change in this direction?

I believe that the current legislation is not sufficiently detailed on malpractice. I believe that the existing legislation needs to be updated and deepened in order to be able to regulate possible disputes between doctors and patients.

What is the current innovative intervention in Dermatology from your point of view?

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I can’t say that there is only one intervention. I will name several of them, all from the aesthetic procedure’s realm: full face injections with hyaluronic acid, “baby botox”, lasers for facial rejuvenation.

The new wave of dermatologists

What is the profile of the patient who will most often step on the threshold?

The patients that I see most often are children. When consulting a child, I try to create a pleasant environment and less traumatic experience.

Do you think that the introduction of psychological testing of patients before Dermatology interventions should be mandatory?

I do not consider it mandatory because most of the time the doctor identifies if the patient is suffering from a psychiatric condition such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder. The doctor has the obligation to refer the patient to a psychiatric department whenever there is a suspicion.

Which country can be called the general center of world evolution of Dermatology?

It’s hard to say. Most of the time, the information comes from France, USA, Israel.

Thoughts for the readers of our magazine.

My thoughts on Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine are related to skin care. A simple act that is slowing down the physiological process of aging that you can follow is the application of sunscreen: daily, forever, regardless of the season. Also, do not neglect new lesions on your skin and consult your dermatologist in meantime. Take care of your skin, love it, so you can feel good in it.

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