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A definite place of brilliance, refinement and diamonds

Valmand was born from the desire to offer customers quality jewelry, in a collection that fits their desires and needs. For over 30 years we have been coming up with unique ideas that we turn into real works of art. In order for you to enjoy what is most beautiful, the craftsmen from Valmand put a “piece” of their soul in each piece of jewelry and dedicate themselves 100% in the process of making it, so that it will be difficult for you to find your words. A definite story of beauty at the highest rank.

From the idea to the jewel of your dreams
We are more than a jewelry store, we are the makers of fairytale jewelry. As a manufacturer, we make any type of jewelry. And we say that without any modesty. We listen to your wish, we draw it in the smallest detail, and our specialists make sure that in the end, the jewel is the one of your dreams. We make the jewelry from 14 k or 18 k gold, in the three color variants, but also from platinum and we carefully place the diamonds in the most beautiful design. We use carefully checked and selected gemstones so that they align with the highest quality standards.

An unforgettable experience
Buying jewelry is an experience in itself. And we want to turn this experience into an unforgettable one. Our store is the gate that makes the transition, like in a fairy tale, into a different world. Can you believe that the diamonds you can’t get enough of looking at are millions, maybe even billions of years old? You are just a part of an infinite universe. Step on the doorstep of our store and let yourself be driven by emotion. Choose the jewel with your soul and live the moment at maximum intensity.

Why buy from Valmand
Because you will have no doubts about the origin of the diamonds. For the kindness of our counselors who listen without interruption. Because we understand your wishes and try to bring them as close to you as possible. Because you will have the guarantee of a jewel produced by skilled and experienced craftsmen. Because… Valmand. 

Respect for customers
Most of our customers are men. Whether I am looking for the perfect engagement ring or gift, we show respect, patience and understanding. We know it’s an emotional moment and we try to make it as relaxing as possible. We do not rush any client, we even offer him the necessary time to adapt and adapt to the situation. Then, with a warm smile, we relax the atmosphere and try to discover the jewelry that fits perfectly in the context.

Online shop
If time does not allow you to visit us at the store, do not make unnecessary reproaches. Enter our website. The advisors are at your disposal on the chat page, offering you the same support that you would have in the store. Each piece of jewelry on the site is accompanied by detailed professional photos and additional information, so you can find the technical specifications related to the material (gold or platinum), the type of stone used (diamonds or other precious stones), polish, cut, symmetry, size, weight.
If you have decided to give a special piece of jewelry, Valmand is a safe source, for which quality has become a way of working.

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