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When sport doesn’t help you, resort the Legacy Med doctor

When sport doesn’t help you, resort the Legacy Med doctor

When we discuss about patient preferences for certain aesthetic procedures, we’re also talking, whether we want to admit it or not, about beauty trends that appear in social media, fashion magazines, or even on television.

When sport doesn’t help you, resort the Legacy Med doctor

This is basically how this search begins for the patient who wants to achieve the long dreamed of body shape. And when they turn to the specialists at the Legacy Med clinic, the desired result does not take long to appear.

Women are a special category, because beauty is part of their nature. Although we are in the year 2022, worldwide, women represent the main category of patients who call for aesthetic medicine services. And they often do it to correct small imperfections, which give them discomfort and create complexes that end up influencing their social or even professional life.

If until a few years ago you had to resort to more or less safe and effective tricks, today, aesthetic medicine has evolved enormously, and all you have to do is look for the place and the doctor who will change you, one click away life for the better.

Genetics or lifestyle?

Women, by nature, develop much faster than men, and puberty occurs before the end of childhood. The body begins to transform and take shape, depending on genetics, but also on lifestyle, and anatomical differences begin to be seen, then gradually become more pronounced, until adulthood. This is when they can make the best decision for their body and self-confidence.

A bulging butt – between workouts and the doctor’s office

In Romania, aesthetic medicine was not welcomed with open arms, perhaps because of the lack of education in the field, perhaps because of the exaggerated results promoted in the mass media, but one thing is certain: many years after the appearance of this specialty and aesthetic procedures, we still run into prejudices.

And in the case of volumizing the buttocks with hyaluronic acid, aesthetic clinics face a lot of questions, such as: Why pay such a large amount of money, when I can go to the gym? Will my butt sag after the procedure? I can get the same result, through workouts, why would I do this procedure?

When sport doesn’t help you, resort the Legacy Med doctor

The answer to all these questions is very simple – we are talking about a minimally invasive intervention, which takes about 60-90 minutes and which provides a visible result on the spot, so in a much shorter time than in the case of training and a healthy lifestyle , where the results start to be seen after months or even years.
Moreover, comparing the results obtained during the procedure with the results obtained at the gym  or through home workouts, the main benefit is provided by the perfect form, which the doctor can give you in the office. It’s perfectly fine to train your muscles and live a healthy lifestyle, but sports can’t develop just one muscle group – your glutes – so it’s going to be virtually impossible to enjoy the exact same result. The procedure, carried out only at the level of the buttocks, offers more volume and a push-up effect, only in the area where the hyaluronic acid (a hyaluronic acid specially created for this area) is injected.

How is the minimally invasive intervention performed and what does it entail?

As the name suggests, the buttock volumization procedure is performed by injecting hyaluronic acid, at key points (to get the right shape and size), in the area, which will fill and correct small asymmetries, so that you get that effect much dreamed.

At the Legacy Med clinic, this procedure is performed under anesthesia, so that the patient does not feel pain during the entire injection period.

Initially, the area will be a little inflamed, but it is absolutely normal, considering that the area has suffered small traumas (the injections), but this aspect is temporary, and in just a few days you will be able to see the final result.

Usually, the remanence in the case of procedures based on hyaluronic acid are limited in duration, and in the case of these interventions we discuss a result that will last approximately 2 years, depending on the patient’s body and lifestyle, later, if desired maintaining the result, we recommend a new injection.

What happens after injection?

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The buttock volumization procedure is a minimally invasive intervention that does not require a period of hospitalization or recovery, so that after its completion and after the doctor will make sure that everything is in order, the patient can go home.

It is indicated that in the following days, either the nurse or the doctor, keep in touch with the patient, to ensure that the inflammation has subsided and that the hyaluronic acid has settled perfectly.

Of course, to avoid unpleasant situations or post-procedure complications, effective communication between the doctor and the patient is necessary, regarding the medical instructions and recommendations, in order to obtain a safe and harmonious result.

Bruises, small irritations or a feeling of discomfort in the injected areas are absolutely normal symptoms after this procedure, but it is extremely important to have an open communication with the doctor, and he knows how the patient’s condition evolves, as well as the result.

There are cases in which, either due to the patient’s conformation, failure to comply with post-interventional indications or even a wrong injection, the acid either does not sit perfectly or creates small asymmetries, and in these cases, a consultation and a new injection are necessary, this time with a much smaller amount of product, to correct and harmonize the result.

After the intervention, the patient must avoid going to the sauna or exposure to the sun for several days. At the same time, it is advisable to give up hot showers for a short time, which can affect the achievement of the much-desired result.

As for physical sports activities, they must be avoided for a few days after the injection, and afterwards, gently, gently, the patient can resume training.