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Where are you going …

Where are you going …

Elena Popescu-Grisogono

The thoughts we utter and the words we utter give rise to our experiences.

Where are you going …

By Elena Popescu-Grisogono

Therapist & Coach

We create ourselves the situations we go through with every thought and feeling, with every conviction we believe, being responsible for everything that happens in our lives. The analytical mind judges and questions, infuriates you, leads you to guilt and carries you through negative thoughts and feelings like in a maze, and thus generates unpleasant experiences, obstacles we face, health problems, conflicts and blockages that occur in life. And the longer we stay in these negative thoughts and feelings, the more we amplify them. Whatever we do, things will never be perfect, because there is always something to criticize, the mind will always keep us busy and condemn everything around us. What to do? Where are we going? Thinking takes us in the direction we do not want, the unconscious is full and active with all the thoughts and feelings we believe and are led by them. We are the sum of our thoughts and emotions. No one, no one is guilty of everything we have and everything we have created. Every moment of life represents a new beginning and a departure from the past. Every mental pattern can change by making a decision. If we move towards the beauty of life (there is no good or bad, there are only experiences) we will know by our peace and quiet, by the goodness and joy that we share and share with others. For this, only you can take steps in this direction. And if you don’t know where to start, and you want to eliminate everything that bothers you from your life, there are teachers who support you. Everything is in your power that you already have, and under guidance and support, life goes uphill. People are fleeing change, but they don’t even know what it’s like. It’s like living in a train station and hearing all the noises (noisy mind). You would like to move, but habit keeps you clinging to that place and it seems impossible or very difficult to do. Only the mind anchors you in thoughts and emotions, in limiting beliefs and emotional dependencies. If we have a negative mental pattern buried deep in our subconscious, we can only change it if we become aware of it. Lucidity is the first step in the field of change and transformation. We often attract a friend, co-worker, class, or book to help us better understand the pattern and teach us how to dissolve it.

Most of the time, our reaction to this first step is to ridicule the new vision, or to consider that it makes no sense. It may seem too simple or unacceptable for our way of thinking. We are not willing to practice it, and our resistance to the new vision is often very strong. This reaction is not a bad thing in itself, as long as we understand that this is the first step in the transformation process. The process always begins the moment we begin to think about a change in our lives. Where are we going? What do we want? What do we dream about? And you take the first step … you’re lucid, you’re clear. Do you want to stay where you are and prolong the same uncomfortable state indefinitely or to feel that you live consciously enjoying the experiences of your life?

It’s like sitting in an armchair and you want to get to the other room, but for that you have to get up and go step by step in that direction. If you continue to sit in the armchair, but claim to be in the other room, you will not advance in any way. We all want peace, peace, love, prosperity, but they do not get in our way until we are willing to take the necessary steps. Understanding takes you to the point where you abandon yourself to the experience. For this it is necessary to go through stages of knowledge. The way you feel is the key to how you look at your own life. If we keep a quiet space we can manage and transform our lives. The mind is a powerful and creative tool, and even though we know it, we do nothing to change everything we don’t like. To what extent do we live our lives?

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Where are you going …

We live consciously to a small extent and predominantly live it unconsciously. The unconscious includes fear, stress, helplessness, limitations and previous failures. We create our life with the bases we have in the unconscious and the result is our own life. I created consciously and unconsciously, I put all my emotions and thoughts. What conditions you? What do you do to take advantage of your strong mind? When you find more meaning in life, you become more satisfied, you will feel much better. What gives meaning to your life? What fills you with a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose? What awakens joy in you? What gives you a feeling of warmth in your heart or a tingling in your skin? What absorbs your attention like nothing else? Each experience strengthens commitment and determination, each emotion and sensation provides an opportunity for greater awareness. Don’t let doubt, negative discussions or criticism from others drag you down. Look at what matters to you and go in that direction. The time has come to recognize our responsibility in creating the unpleasant situation we face, the time has come to recognize that only we have the power to turn our thoughts into positive life experiences. We used the same power to create unpleasant life experiences, now we have the opportunity to take responsibility for what we have done, learning to consciously use that power in a positive way, for our own benefit. Things come and go, appear and disappear, you are left with everything you are. You have changed direction and clarity is your friend, joy is in your soul, peace, harmony, kindness and happiness are a bonus, they are included. Where are you going … Come on!

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