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Why are we experts in hyaluronic acid?

Why are we experts in hyaluronic acid?

Vivacy Laboratories has a team of experts who have been studying hyaluronic acid for over 30 years. They initially studied hyaluronic acid in intraocular and intra-articular treatments, and are currently experiencing exemplary growth in the aesthetic field.

Why are we experts in hyaluronic acid?

What makes Vivacy hyaluronic acid products different?

Injectables produced by Vivacy Laboratories use a patented crosslinking system called “IPN-Like Technology”. This system meets the clinical requirements for a doctor to inject hyaluronic acid into the skin, which is to ensure that the product has the ability to lift facial tissue, provide mechanical support and spread easily once injected.

During an intradermal injection, the invasive movement of the needle through the layers of the skin causes an inflammatory response and the production of free radicals. These free radicals are harmful to hyaluronic acid molecules because they accelerate the degradation of the acid and therefore reduce the volume obtained by injection faster. To protect the gel formula from hyaluronic acid, Vivacy has incorporated antioxidants into its fillers, namely mannitol or sorbitol. These antioxidants act against the most aggressive hydroxyl radicals generated during the injection process and thus minimize the rapid degradation of the hyaluronic acid gel.


The Stylage product line has variants with or without lidocaine and different concentrations of hyaluronic acid, depending on the treatment area. For example Stylage Special Lips, with a concentration of 18.5 mg / g can be injected into and around the lips to provide hydration and subtle lip volume, while Stylage Lips Plus, the star of the lip range, with a concentration of 20 mg / g, offers extra volume, in a single injection, to meet the demand of today’s patients for growing lips.

Stylage also improves wrinkles on the forehead, nose, chin, periorbital, nasal, hands or décolleté. Moreover, it restores skin hydration and helps to restore the contour of the face (fallen cheeks, loss of facial volume). Stylage S, with a concentration of 16 mg / g, can be used to cover dark circles and correct fine wrinkles on the cheeks, forehead or nose. Stylage M, with a concentration of 20 mg / g, can correct the earlobe or can be used as a non-invasive alternative to rhinoplasty. Instead, Stylage XL, with a concentration of 26 mg / g, it is used for the treatment of facial ptosis or for sculpting the mandible, an intervention increasingly sought after by men, because a defined mandible is considered a very attractive and masculine feature.

Stylage hyaluronic acid restores the skin, but at the same time preserves the unique facial expressions that differentiate us from each other.


Long experience in the development of hyaluronic acid has also allowed the creation of two types of products for intimate care of women: Desirial și Desirial Plus. Through them, Vivacy tries to restore women’s self-confidence and change the mentality of “taboo” topics.

After a certain age, the vulvo-vaginal area undergoes some changes and can no longer enjoy the same pleasures as in youth if the amount of hyaluronic acid in that area is not supplemented.

The two products differ in the texture of the gel and are used to treat various symptoms that can affect the sex life and privacy of any woman.

Desirial is a fluid gel designed to restore hydration, elasticity and tonicity of the vulvo-vaginal area. It is also used to treat vaginal dryness common in women who no longer ovulate.

Desirial Plus is a more elastic gel designed to reshape large lips that have lost partial volume (hypotrophy) or total volume (atrophy). Some of the main improvements made by injection are the protection of the labia minora and the improvement of the aesthetic appearance. One injection a year with these products should be enough for women to continue to enjoy a normal life.


Vivacy Laboratories researchers are dermatologists, plastic surgeons or biologists who are constantly working to develop quality products with high tolerability and a whole sensory experience! So, in pursuit of excellence in aesthetic medicine, Vivacy has developed a patented acid injection system called Bi-Soft Technology. This technology is represented by a syringe that provides more precision, comfort and control to doctors who use Stylage. It has a soft surface to the touch and comes in 4 colors designed to differentiate the products. It provides extra grip between the glove and the syringe and has a larger oval grip plate for better handling by your doctor. The volume of the injection quantity is easy to consider and the sensation of injection force is minimized.


The authenticity of the products is guaranteed, because safety and quality has been a permanent feature in Vivacy’s DNA! All products have a label on the package that contains an integrated RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) chip to easily verify the originality of products purchased in the mobile application „My Vivacy”, available on iOS or Android via NFC technology.

Vivacy Laboratories is certainly proud of its training, which is why it distributes its products only through qualified medical professionals. In Romania, to be up to date with the latest trainings and Stylage news, as well as to purchase the products, go to the website or follow the Instagram page @stylage_ro.

The official distributor in our country, GR Estetica Distribution, like Vivacy Laboratories, is a great lover of hyaluronic acid which it promotes from the beginning of its activity. Present on the market for 25 years, they bring to Romania new treatment methods for the aesthetic field and offer medical equipment and consumables to any office.


Official distributor Vivacy (Stylage & Desirial)

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